Solar Shower – Overdesigned under-utilized


This was briefly my smartassed solar shower.  Lasted through one, count’em: 1 each of those 8 gallon water jugs.  Getting 60 pounds of water up there in a way so’s it will stay decided me the showering I got wasn’t worth the hernia I almost got.

So next time in town I went to Walmart and bought a 2 gallon insecticide sprayer.

4 responses to “Solar Shower – Overdesigned under-utilized

  1. Insecticide sprayer, brilliant.

    • elroyjones: Yeah, it’s good. Just had a shower under it. I’ve used the method on and off since Y2K but I can’t recall whether I thought of it myself or heard about it somewhere. J

  2. You’re right Jules, you need a good woman!

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