Finally it begins to make sense

first man in space

I read somewhere recently the efforts to teach sign language to great apes since the 1970s gave a lot of them vocabularies large enough to allow IQ tests. The lowest a mountain gorilla ever scored was 97. Smarter than a lot of people. And I read somewhere else there’s only a 1% difference between the DNA of a chimp and that of a human being.

All of which suggests to me there might be sub-species of human beings, not quite human but not different enough to identify as an entirely different species. Politicians, genetic engineers, Wall Street bankers, CEOs of multi-national corporations, along with Hitler, Stalin et al might finally be explained that way.

I’d never considered the possibility aristocrats might be merely close relations to human beings without actually crossing the great divide to become human.  That maybe they’re just a smidgen of lifetimes behind on the reincarnation trail, sniffing along trying to catch up, but getting distracted by the fire hydrants others among them peed on as they struggled to gain humanhood.

19 responses to “Finally it begins to make sense

  1. Well, this factoid is probably important information for people who believe in IQ tests…

    • ShimonZ: Probably it actually isn’t important to anyone much, but it might change the appearance of the political candidates in future elections. Thanks for comning by. Jack

  2. Just to re-inforce your point, in the UK we have far more aristocrats than a country needs. They have an expression “not one of us” when talking about the hoi poloi. It now makes sense. They are a lower form of life that has not reached our levels of brainpower and sophistication. So now I understand, thanks to your reasoning, the expression “not one of us” is about envy not superiority. Thanks Jules.

  3. You have discovered the missing link; the aristocracy. Excellent work!

    • Thanks elroyjones. I’ve always been suspicious the fabled missing link was walking among us. Had a 7th grade teacher named Frank Burke who stepped out of one of those pictures of a series of prehistoric men in various stages of advancement, him with the popular Neanderthal look.

  4. ha ha ha…..too funny….maybe some truth there….I always wonder why are some people self-serving and others more compassionate

  5. Didn’t mean to be anonymous! Slip of the pen.

    • Clashgour: I’d been wondering who anonymous is. Been seeing you most of my life, on-and-off. You’ve written a lot of poetry, wrote an amusing thing went around in the mail during the 1970s about horizontal stool velocity. I got a lot of laughs out of that one. Thanks.

  6. A thought provoking post…why can’t I stop laughing?

    • LCTC! – So long as you don’t bare your teeth when you laugh. Great apes consider it threatening bad manners when humans bare their teeth. Science is a hard taskmaster.

  7. Now it makes sense about why Frank Burke was so different from most of the teachers. Thankfully I didn’t have him even though I saw him and the halls and heard the tales from classmates of his strange behaviors. Thanks for the info. One more piece to the puzzle of the species. Blessings.

  8. Hi Mary: Glad to know you travelled through Portales Junior High School at least aware of the unique presence of Frank Burke. The year I was in the 7th Grade he and Mr [John?] Doak were in front of an assembly trying to explain where the pause belonged when they added, ‘Unver God” to the pledge of allegience. They almost came to blows about it. One of the fond memories of my youth.

  9. If there was a teacher that I was really afraid of it was Frank Burke. I came to despise Mr. Starkey. He was just uncaring, mean and in my never to be humble opinion, stupid.

    • Can’t recall Mr. Starkey. Had Mr. Burke in Geography and something else. Liked him okay, but he thought after I got my temp license to drive and smashed the car I was driving into the front of his 1949 Chev parked on the curb were I was dropping a girl off across the street, that I didn’t like him and did it on purpose. Never had much use for me after that. Gracias, J

  10. That sounds like the man I knew as Mr. Burke. Didn’t trust or like anyone. Maybe once in a while he liked the jocks. Mr. Starkey smoked like a chimney. He taught seventh & eight grade math upstairs on the north side of the building close to the center stair cases. I had him for 7th grade math and study hall. It was impossible to study in his class. He would teach for 15 minutes and go to the teachers lounge for the remainder of the class returning just before the bell to spank the hands of everyone who had the misfortune to get their name taken by his pet students. I went to Mr. Jackson and Mr. Davis and got permission to sit in Mr. Davis class for my study hall. I could study and learned some in his class, too. Mr. Davis was not one of the better liked teachers. He kept strict order in the class. I liked him because of that. And he was a good teacher. Blessings.

  11. Its called neanderthal, maybe with a good mix of the brand spanking new ‘devonian’. In modernity we refer to it as ‘autism’. The aristocrat part we relegate to bad parenting.

    Signed, the proud elite.

    • arifmvega: So many inclusive ‘we’, though the poor neanderthal and devonian were excluded. It’s those blind spots we’ve chosen that define us better than the ones we choose to highlight for our pride. Gracias, J

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