The Party Never Ends

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

First, I want to thank Bob for the link he provided about Gate Guard jobs, a particular blog entry that swivelled my thinking on the issue entirely.  The issues of wear and tear on the RV because of the dust on the sites, bearings and other wear surfaces, particularly.  Along with everything clogging, electrical connections not making contact, and the bad roads getting to town for groceries all conspired to convince me it’s not the job for this RV, these cats, and this old guy who wants to die before the party of the first part, but after the parties of the second part.

Second, today I’ll be taking it to town for the first time since I got the tags transferred.  Need to pick up something called a ‘deep cycle’ battery to run the various coach functions.  The one that’s on it is dead meat, which I knew when I bought it and used it to argue the guy down a bit on the price I paid.  But it’s got to be replaced.

I’ll also be going by a coin laundry for the first time since I’ve been in Texas to get some clothes back into non-pioneer conditions.

Afterward I’ll go behind all the malls and big stores for packing boxes so’s I can get my belongings out of here and into the storage place.  Everything I can’t carry along right now, winter clothing, that sort of thing.

Thirdly, groceries.  Getting food of types I haven’t been equipped to utilize in a goodly while.  Because everything on that RV WORKS.

Lastly:  I might put the thing through one of those oil change places, get it lubricated, everything checked out for fluid levels, new oil.  Instead of doing it my ownself, which ain’t all that much cheaper and is just one more time-sink.

Life’s a good adventure.  It allows the illusion of forward movement, even standing still, leaning forward, preparing to stagger into the future.

Old Jules

17 responses to “The Party Never Ends

  1. I love your last two sentences.

  2. I second that. It was my first thought as I scrolled down to comments.
    You sure sound happy with this RV. Glad to see a happy soul.

  3. I have been wishing for a drivable home like my old 1958 VW Bus. I always felt like a turtle with my life on my back. I would love to travel around the country without a train or a plane. I understand your love relationship with your RV. Hope she get’s going again in great order.

    I have to get a riding lawn more going again, since it looks like I have burned up something: probably the starter just as I almost had the battle won. I got the solenoid rewired and it started and ran for a first mowing. But I pushed the charge switch from normal level to start level and left it there all night long and then the starter started to smoke, when I tried to start it. I have a push (& pull) mower and may have to get the exercise I need from mowing. But 160 x 266 is a lot for an old guy.

    We also have 8 cats and have an additional one, a “visitor” named “Lady Grey’ who is apparently going to have babies. She looks to be ready to go right now. What do you do to help a cat deliver babies. I did check WikiHow and it is there! How many is “so many” !!

  4. Oh I know that stagger!!! c

  5. Sounds like you made the right decision for you and the kitties… gate guarding really isn’t for everyone. Looks like you have a busy agenda for the next few days… hope you get everything done that needs done…

  6. Work—hell enjoy your freedom

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