“Six-million focking dollars!”

The Dollar Tree store in Kerrville is located in a strip mall across from the high school stadium.  As I drove by on my way into the mall parking lot I noticed the stadium parking lot across the street was almost full of over-sized white grocery-bags.  Hundreds of white bags taller than a man about four feet to a side.  I squinted, but couldn’t fathom what they were.

After I finished in Dollar Tree I crossed the lanes of traffic and pulled into the stadium parking lot for a closer look.  Still couldn’t figure it out.  But a tree-trimming crew was taking a break there in the parking lot, half-dozen Hispanic guys.

I drove over and rolled down the window, guy in charge strolled up.  “What is all that?”

“Six million focking dollars!  Six million focking dollars of MY money!”

Eh?  You’re saying those bags are full of money?”  Shaking my head.

He laughed.  “They might as well be.”  He pointed to a pile of rolls of Astroturf at the other end of the lot.  “They’re replacing that stuff with the stuff in the bags.  REAL grass is against the law!”  He guffawed and the rest of the crew laughed with him.

  I guess the Kerrville School District must have all the books, computers, teachers, everything else it needs to teach those kids to balance their checkbooks, read, write and cypher.  Got everything it needs to prepare them for life after the nest.

Got $6,000,000 focking dollars lying around to put a new ersatz grass floor on the stadium for the jockstraps to run around on.

Old Jules

8 responses to ““Six-million focking dollars!”

  1. It seems we have our priorities set wrong. . .

  2. Probably it’s too broken to fix. The people running things own the priorities and they wouldn’t be running things if their priorities didn’t reflect priorities of the piece of the population with the moxey to get them into office and keep them there.

  3. Sounds ridiculous, but perhaps there is a story behind it. Locally, we have a high school in poor Apalachian territory that recently had an Astroturf football field installed. The money was all provided by a former student turned Dallas Cowboy, who wanted to give back to his community. Still most people thought the money could have been better used for other things in the system. But the football field was the stars priority!

  4. Given the ongoing drought, I’d rather they put in astroturf than drain the aquifer dry trying to keep the grass alive under the Texas sun. My water bill is bad enough with my tiny lawn, I can only image what it would cost to keep 57,600 square feet of bermuda lush and green in these parts.

    • Michael: I can recall a time when playing on a dirt field wasn’t outside the realms of the reasonable. But it wasn’t me angry about it. It was some guys who live there and probably have kids in school there. Kerrville, by the way, is famous for the golf courses in the area. Seems to be hundreds of them.

      Also, the Guadalupe River runs through the center of town, plenty of water. Doesn’t have to be chlorinated and treated to spray on grass. And every commode and washing machine in town pours water into the city water treatment plant, where it’s cleaned up and sprayed on cemeteries and golf courses.

      But it ain’t my affair.

  5. My Dad used to live in Kerrville until he passed in 2004. We never made it there before the end as Grandma Allen was living with us and was also in a bad way because of an unfortunate interaction with Lipitor and some strange Dr.’s. She finally died one day at about 4:00 PM and we went home and were talking of making plane reservations to go see Dad in Kerrville, since he was close to the end and the phone was blinking, when we got home from the hospital, the message was telling us that Dad had just died in Kerrville at 6:00 PM or there abouts.

    That is almost too strange. Two hours apart in the same family, one 94 years old and the other 85+ years old. Hard way to remember Kerrville, but there you have it.

  6. Hi Chuck: Life’s a strange place, I reckons. You and I are oldsters now, not much different from the millions of other oldsters running around trying to find some meaning to the ways we wasted our lives doing meaningless chores that mostly didn’t need doing. Your Grandma Allen was where you and I will be before a lot more time passes. Here’s hoping we learn something along the way we don’t know yet so’s when we sneak ouot for a smoke we won’t be asking ourselves so many questions without answers.

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