Don’t take any chances – CC all your emails and posts to the NSA

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

Got to thinking last night before I slid off to sleep, “What if the NSA ain’t reading my emails and other stuff I write?  What if some get lost in the shuffle, or worse, what if they just aren’t interested enough to read mine?

How damned de-humanizing is THAT?

Sheeze!  Brought me spang awake with a start.  Those bastards might be going flaccid on the job, reading everyone elses’ stuff, but not mine.

I thought about it a while as I scratched niaid behind the ears, got up and took my third [under pressure] cold shower of the day, dried off and scratched Hydrox behind the ears pondering it.

Still felt insecure and de-machoed, so I kicked on the AC unit for a few minutes to knock the edge off the cold sweat I was breaking out in.

Okay.  First crack out of the box, this ain’t something I’m going to sit still for, ain’t going to tolerate it.  Those bastards are going to read my stuff whether they like it or not.  I’m going to put them on the list of CCs for all my emails, and if I can find out who my senator or congressman is, I’ll write them.

See if I can get a congressional committee started to get those guys from NSA in and test them, grill them hard to make sure they aren’t falling down on the job.

Piss me off.

Old Jules

17 responses to “Don’t take any chances – CC all your emails and posts to the NSA

  1. I’m a regular tempest in a teapot radical. I’m going to CC them too. What I’m thinking at any given moment is supremely fascinating. No doubt, they’ll be sending drones and armored personnel carriers to roust me out of hiding.
    If nothing else, they might be able to help me with that confounding problem of how to remove pine pitch from the sheets I hung out to dry.

  2. Get on that right NOW. I want to hear about what you can stir up. Tee-hee.

  3. Since you keep telling all on your blog, they don’t have to do anything but read it, and their job is done. . .

  4. Darn it… this made me laugh.

  5. Ah, Jack, this is a masterful post from you, and one I shall keep, in order to reawaken my good humors on occasion, and dance while maintaining perspective. And if I read here and there on your blog, something with which I can’t agree, it is posts such as this that will always keep me thirsty for your words of wisdom.

  6. How awful to be ignored by the ignoramus’s.. what a dreadful thought.. The least they can do is leave a comment!

  7. I’m certain you are being monitored on a daily basis. If you’re not, then who is? They won’t write or call, they will just keep following you watching for action instead of just words. Big Brother IS watching you..

    • Gypsy Bev: Big Brother’s been watching since your ancestors and my ancestors were serfs, and slaves and peasants toiling away to feed Big Brother and keep him living in style. Big Brother has always needed to know who the trouble-makers and rabble rousers who needed hanging were. So he’s still doing it. What the hell. Gracias. J

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