Just to clarify the JFK LBJ thing

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Jeanne told me on the phone last night she was surprised by my several references to LBJ arranging for the death of JFK.  “I didn’t think you believed in conspiracies, for the most part.”

And for the most part she’s right.  I don’t believe human beings are honest enough and consistent enough to pull off successful conspiracies over the long haul.  Someone’s going to let the cat out of the bag.  And I think the cat has been coming out of the bag about the Kennedy assassination gradually for a considerable while.

I don’t know or care who was directly responsible for the Dallas shooting.  To me, JFK was just another US President, no better, no worse than the last several.  I’m not offended, not in any way exercized by the fact someone offed him.

But I do believe there’s a fair body of evidence LBJ knew ahead of time Kennedy was going to be killed.  And he knew who knew everything else about it.  Other than that he mightn’t have been involved, beyond giving it his tacit approval.

The LBJ Library in Austin has the tapes of all the White House LBJ telephone conversations of the time.  Here’s a conversation between LBJ and J Edgar Hoover, FBI Director, shortly after the Dallas event.  LBJ starts by grilling Hoover about why his friend John Connally, Governor of Texas, got a bullet.  Then he goes on to discuss how the investigation into the assassination can be kept small.

LBJ TAPES: Kennedy Assassination 1 (J. Edgar Hoover) .

Seems to me it’s clear that Hoover knew exactly who did the shooting and what the shooter intended to hit.  And that LBJ knew that Hoover knew.

The people who upload YouTube videos frequently intend to use the videos to help watchers interpret them as the uploaders think they should.  I believe this has happened with a number of the Kennedy assassination YouTube videos.  For instance, I don’t believe LBJ’s mistress knew whether LBJ engineered the killing of JFK.  But I believe it’s clear from what she describes that LBJ knew about the plans to kill Kennedy before it happened.

LBJ’s Mistress Blows Whistle On JFK Assassination .http://youtu.be/79lOKs0Kr_Y

Again, I don’t think this means LBJ told anyone to kill Kennedy.  He might just have tacitly approved of them doing it and agreed to keep his mouth shut.

By one of those strange coincidences of history, Richard Nixon, a man who hated Kennedy as much as anyone alive at the time, happened to have been in Dallas for a couple of days when Kennedy came to town.

November 21, 1963 – Richard M. Nixon in Dallas, Texas .

Nixon evidently believed there was a middling good chance LBJ had Kennedy shot, as he joked years later.

NIXON jokes about LBJ killing JFK .

E. Howard Hunt, one of the guys who went to prison for the Watergate affair, admitted on his death bed he’d been involved in the Kennedy killing and named others.

E. Howard Hunt Outs Lyndon Johnson in JFK Assassination Plot

This one’s hokey and unreliable, but I think at least it can be said RFK probably believed LBJ had John Kennedy killed.

RFK to Johnson: “Why did you kill you have my brother killed

The conversation you hear on tape isn’t about LBJ, JFK, though.  It’s about Hoover investigating RFK and whether RJK is trying to violently overthrow LBJ and the US Government by force.

Lyndon Johnson Admits To Walter Cronkite That He Killed Kennedy .

This Walter Cronkite interview with LBJ years later is probably the strongest testimony that LBJ didn’t actually give the orders for the killing.  But that he thoroughly believed there was a conspiracy involved involving several others.

As I’ve said, I don’t think it matters who was behind the Kennedy killing.  Nor why they did it.  But I don’t blame LBJ for being pissed Connally got shot with JFK.  Connally was still alive, knew a lot about LBJ and was able to talk.  LBJ needed to be able to assure Connelly it was an accident, him getting hit.

John Connally’s first interview after 11/22/63

Collateral damages, no harm intended.  “Sorry old buddy.  Someone screwed up.”

And 50 years later, who the hell cares?  Human beings make lousy conspirators.  People eventually talk.

Old Jules

10 responses to “Just to clarify the JFK LBJ thing

  1. Wow!! Just another example of the hidden workings of politics and government run by greedy people.

    • Hi Dizzy: Yep. What we people is most is greedy. Greedy, banal, untrustworty and self serving. Give any of us power and we’re almost certain to use it to exploit anything that comes to hand in an effort to hoard the amount we’ve got and get more. Gracias, J

  2. As a youth, I wanted to get into politics. After volunteer work for three Presidential candidates, I became disillusioned. It was proven to me the fact that politics is a filthy business.

    • Hi Swabby. Yeah, it is. But we’re lucky to have politics to keep the people in it occupied. If it weren’t for politics they’d be right out here among us and we wouldn’t be able to spot them for what they are. At least not so easily. Gracias J

  3. LBJ’s first official act after Kennedy’s assassination was to reverse Kennedy’s reversal of the sale of the Federal Reserve.
    Tricky Dicky had engineered it thru Eisenhower & Kennedy stopped it….for a minute.

    • Hi Dayledan: Might have been part of the motive of someone, though a number of those involved might have each had a personal motive. Hoover struck me in the interview as maybe the glue holding it all together. Gracias, J

  4. Anyone with half a brain could figure that out LBJ was power hungry and he hated the Kennedy’s want to read a good book about those times pick DEATH OF A PRESIDENT by WILLIAM MANCHESTER. Mrs Jackie Kennedy talked to him right after the dirty deed and then Bobby tried to stop it from being published Well worth the price of the book Amazon has it.Hoover was so far in the closet he didn’t whether to wind his ass or scratch is watch.

    • Hi Anonymous. The man wanted to be prez, which tends to place him over into the power hungry side of things. Half the power elite in the country, or more hated Kennedy while the non-power elite worshipped him with calf-eyes. J

  5. Roger Stone knows that LBJ did it. According to the National Enquirer, Stone took the bits and pieces he gleaned from his years in the Nixon White House and came to understand the truth and has written it in a new book that will “change history.” The book is said to have the most extensive research ever performed on the entirety of the JFK assassination and for the first time it you see names, dates, times and places to back up the assertions. Thus, after 50 years of suppression by the government we are finally about to learn the truth. http://www.amazon.com/The-Man-Who-Killed-Kennedy/dp/1626363137/ref=sr_1_1/183-5273004-4597952?

    • Hi Phillip Dodge: Too bad it was the Enquirer. Thanks for the comment. Maybe folks who are interested in knowing more about it will buy the book and maybe if they do they’ll be glad they did. Nothing’s impossible. Gracias, J

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