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“The men who write upon these walls,” mystery solved

The part about rolling it in little balls had scientists tearing their hair out.  Putting periscopes under the partitions trying to catch someone doing it.

The part about rolling it in little balls had scientists tearing their hair out. Putting periscopes under the partitions trying to catch someone doing it.

If they'd looked at the floor they could have solved it decades earlier.

If they’d looked at the floor they could have solved it decades earlier.

Hi readers.  Scientists have finally solved one of the most puzzling mysteries of the 20th Century.  The poem beginning, “The men who write upon these walls,” found on the stall partitions in Mens’ rooms was a phenomenon more pervasive than the “Kilroy was here” riddle of the WWII era.

Now they can finally settle down to studying why the magnetic poles of earth wander around from hell to breakfast.

Old Jules

Witch doctors as an alternative to everything else

Aside from the fact it’s making all my old scars vanish, this stuff is working like gangbusters for me. I’m not waking at night with my knees or shoulders on fire, not since the first day taking it. Mightn’t work for you, but it sure as hell seems to be working for me. Jack

So Far From Heaven

Hi readers. Thanks for coming by.

20 years ago I quit going to doctors because they never told me anything I wanted to hear. So I bought some books about vitamin and mineral approaches to staying healthy, learned about a number of other non-mainstream alternatives including diet, exercize, and metaphysical healing techniques. Considering my age I’m one hell of a lot healthier today than I was when I was going to physicians and letting them tell me all the ways I was likely to die and what I needed to let them cut off or out to keep me living.

I’m not trying to sell you on the idea you ought to follow this route. Although, if the docs have given up on you and sent you home to die you might find a pleasant surprise waiting for you if you should look into it.

But I’m writing this…

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Fanaticism might be giving religion a bad reputation

Hi readers.  Here’s something to think about.

Even though they’ve created homelands for various religious fanatics, they still create a lot of problems.  For instance, the Shinto religion in Japan could be said to have been responsible for the WWII war in the Pacific, the Rape of Nanking and Shanghai, the slaughter of thousands of Filipinos, the Bataan Death March and other inconveniences.

Similarly, creating a homeland for Protestant religious fanatics in Northern Ireland has filled the news with trouble almost from the beginning.  Then there’s the Zionists and Israel, along with the Muslims in Palestine. 

For that matter, the State of the Vatican for Catholic religious fanatics has been the source of all manner of difficulties in the Americas and elsewhere over the centuries.

The reality is that it isn’t just in the homelands.  Religious fanaticism spreads all over history for the past 2000 years and refuses to stay within any boundaries.  Admittedly the symbiosis between ruling aristocracies and one-or-another religion, and instilling fanaticism into the peasants has done a good job keeping them in line, arousing them to go out chopping up the people the aristocrats point them at.

But most people would admit it’s gotten out of hand in some instances.

Maybe it’s time to sit down with religious fanatics of all varieties and have a prayer meeting.  Try to find out what it is makes them so violent and difficult to get along with.  Find out why they keep discommoding regular people by burning them at the stake, blowing them up, chopping them to pieces and other inconveniences.  Maybe there’s something we could do to keep them happier.

Old Jules

The good news behind the bad news

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The news is always so full of Judeo-Christian-Muslim religious fanatics terrorizing one another we sometimes overlook the larger issues.  This is one example.

Look at the Kenya army troops in this picture. 

  • First thing you notice is they’ve got a lot of meat on their bones.  Obviously, once they kicked out the British these people had food left lying around they could eat and fatten up.  Same as the Irish.
  • Second thing you see is the weather’s cold, but these guys are dressed for it.  Looks as though they’re wearing US Marine Corps sweaters.  But all of them are bundled up, which means they had the means to do it.
  • Third, they’ve got helmet-liners which don’t look like the old NAZI coal-scoop ones from WWII nor the ones US troops wear now.  That means they’re not indiscriminately blowing up civilians for the hell of it.
  • Then there’s the boots.  Those are good boots.  Those boots weren’t taken off some civilian corpse.
  • Look at the weaponry.  Any gun nut in the United States would kill to get one of those rifles.
  • Okay, yeah, the truck they’re in doesn’t have a spare tire.  But hell, y0u can’t have everything.

Here’s a better look at the boots and trowsers of the troops.

Notice they’re mostly wearing pre-Vietnam combat boots, though one’s wearing Vietnam era ones, and one’s wearing desert boots.  Obviously they have some style choices.  But they’ve all got US Army fatigue britches from back when US military clothing was made from US cotton and sewn into uniforms by US workers.

Now, here’s the parking lot in front of the mall those Judeo-Christian-Muslim religious fanatics attacked.

Notice the automobiles.  The lousiest car in that picture is better than any I’ve owned in more than a decade.

Seems obvious once they ran the British out of Kenya things got a lot better, all in all.  At least in that part of Africa you can’t tell it from the US. 

Sure, they have problems with Judeo-Christian-Muslim religious fanatics.  But who the hell doesn’t?

Old Jules