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Tokyo uppercrust fashion challenges of the future

Blue, or yellow? Which goes best with white? Which does the discriminating Tokyo party-goer find contributes to the alpha image?

Keeping up with the latest footware fads is becoming a challenge in Japan.  As the Nipponese citizenry leans increasingly to the clothing styles depicted in the photograph weighty fashion decisions will be required.

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The First Church of Infanticide as a Chinese import

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Even though the Biblical story of Abraham explicitly gives Jewish, Christian and Muslim parents the right to kill their children when God, or Old Sol instructs them to do it, many are surprisingly reluctant.  Christians, Jews and Muslims have all exercised a lot of circumspection on the issue.  No lawsuits have been filed contesting the right of government to forbid them to kill their kids when mandated by God, or Old Sol to do it.

Which probably happens a lot more frequently than anyone would imagine. 

However, a new faction of the Judeo-Christian-Muslim panorama has evolved in China applying the Abraham Mandate, but bypassing or rejecting everything related to Biblical Doctrine unrelated to the story of Abraham.  Initial surveys of parents inside the US suggest the new Church will be enthusiastically welcomed.

Chinese exporters and US importers agree the new denomination of Judeo-Christianity should prove a real moneymaker.  CDs and flash drives containing the voices of God, Old Sol, and even various pagan deities ordering parents to sacrifice their children are already being prepared to be sold in houses of worship.

The advantage to this new religion/financial opportunity is that all profits are tax-exempt, all prophets are welcome, and cottage industries in local communities turning out their own CDs and flash drives can easily be incorporated into local economies.

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5.9 magnitude earthquake strikes Fukushima Prefecture, near crippled nuclear plant

An earthquake has evidently corrected the old abnormalities the Japanese were finding at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant that was spewing and dumping radioactivity from hell to breakfast.  After the earthquake no new abnormalities were found.  Goes to show Mama Nature takes care of her own.   If humans can’t get those nukes with old abnormalities to quit being abnormal, she can toss in an earthquake or two, settle things right down so’s there are no new abnormalities.  Old Jules


September 20, 2013TOKYO (Kyodo) – A magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck Fukushima in the northeast early Friday morning, the Japan Meteorological Agency said, but no abnormalities were observed at the region’s nuclear power plants including the crippled Fukushima Daiichi, according to their operators. The focus of the 2:25 a.m. quake was around 17 kilometers underground in Fukushima Prefecture’s southern coastal region, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. No tsunami warning was issued. Seismic intensity ranged from 1 to upper 5 on the scale of 7 in the Japanese measurement system from northeastern to central Japan. The highest reading of upper 5 was recorded in Iwaki city in Fukushima Prefecture, while lower 5 was logged in other parts of Fukushima and Ibaraki prefectures. Tokyo and Narita city registered intensity 3. A Japan Meteorological Agency official told a news conference that the quake was an aftershock of the magnitude 9 quake that devastated northeastern Japan in 2011 and warned that a temblor measuring up to 4 in intensity could occur within a week.
Iwaki firefighters said a 62-year-old woman suffered light shoulder injuries at her home in the city when she got out of bed in surprise following the quake. A 32-year-old woman in Iwaki also sustained minor foot injuries from a shattered mirror, they added. No new abnormalities were observed in measurement data from the nuclear reactors and other equipment at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station or from radioactivity monitoring posts there. Readings were also normal at the nearby Fukushima Daini plant, according to Tokyo Electric Power Co. The Daiichi plant was crippled by the massive quake and tsunami in 2011. Japan Atomic Power Co. said no abnormalities were confirmed at the Tokai No. 2 nuclear power plant in Ibaraki Prefecture. A few sections of highways in the region were closed to traffic, according to highway operators. A quake measuring upper 5 on the Japanese scale hit Ishinomaki in northeastern Japan’s Miyagi Prefecture on Aug. 4. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the Fukushima Daiichi on Thursday and urged TEPCO to scrap the remaining two reactors in addition to four other units the utility is taking steps to decommission.Mainichi


New research shows Earth’s core spins in opposite directions

Evidently it’s enough that all this was discovered by researchers, as opposed to pipe fitters or policemen.  At least they do say the researchers were in the UK and Switzerland.  Which certainly adds a lot of faith to an otherwise questionable set of findings.


September 20, 2013GEOLOGY – According to new research from UK and Swiss scientists, the core of our planet is more complicated than we thought, with layers rotating in different directions, and it all may solve a mystery about the Earth’s magnetic field that’s persisted for over 300 years. The Earth’s core is separated into two different layers. At the centre is the solid inner core, which is surrounded by the liquid outer core — both made up of a mixture of nickel and iron. Scientists figured out the structure of the two layers decades ago, based on watching seismic waves from earthquakes passing through the planet, and they also discovered that it is circulations in the hot, liquid metal of the outer core that generate the Earth’s magnetic field. There are some things about the core that have remained a mystery, though. A study from 2005 revealed that, although the inner core rotates in the same direction as the surface, it actually rotates slightly faster than the surface. That strange result joins another curious finding, from back in 1692, when astronomer Edmond Halley (of Halley’s Comet fame) discovered that the Earth’s magnetic field ‘drifts’ towards the west by a few degrees every decade. A new study has finally offered an explanation for these two mysteries, tying everything together at last. It started with researchers not only confirming that the inner core rotates faster than the surface, but also finding that the outer core rotates in the opposite direction. To find out what’s going on, they used the Monte Rose supercomputer to run a simulation that was roughly 100 times more accurate than any previous model of the Earth’s core. The simulation revealed that it’s the Earth’s magnetic field that’s causing the layers of the core to spin like they do. It’s providing an extra little push to the inner core, driving the added spin towards the east, while at the same time an equal and opposite reaction to that push is causing the ‘backward’ spin of the outer core towards the west. The added bonus from their simulation is that it solved Halley’s mystery as well. Since the outer core slowly rotates towards the west, the circulations within the liquid metal also rotate in that direction, and the magnetic field ‘drifts’ along with them. The researchers are hoping that all of this will help scientists to better understand the behavior of the core, and thus the planet’s magnetic field. –Yahoo News

MSG-free raman – cheap, fast and tasty

Hi readers.  Those of you who like a fast, cheap meal but try to die if MSG enters your vehicle might want to try this.

Raman comes in packages of several for about 20 cents per package with a separate envelope of MSG to add for flavor.  Cooks in boiling water in three minutes.

Throw out the MSG and pick up some big jars of pasta sauce for a buck per jar at the Dollar Tree Store.  Lots of options available including Garlic wossname Marinara, several others.  Also some cans of mushrooms, olives, whatever, and sardines.

Boil that raman until it’s soft, toss in a spoon of pasta sauce, mushrooms, a sardine, olives, and by golly you’ve got a decent meal for under half-a-dollar.  Boil it another minute for the hell of it.

If you don’t care for sardines the Dollar Tree Store has all manner of alternatives.  You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten Spam raman.

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Feminism and evolution – Mama Nature’s answer to modern medicine

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For a while Mama Nature had to scratch her head about improvements in human survivability caused by hand washing, soap, and rudimentary understanding of disease.  Suddenly instead of weak and flawed specimens of humanity dying before reaching the age of reproduction, far larger numbers were surviving until they’d reproduced.  And Mama Nature knew the only outcome possible would be eventual de-evolution.  Possibly having to replace humans as the dominate species.

The culling programs Mama Nature’s always done on every species were falling apart.  Something was going to have to be done to point things back into the direction Mama Nature intended.

Bringing a species into a position of absolute dominance is one hell of a lot of work and takes a lot of patience on the part of Mama Nature.  Lizards, barn owls, duckbill platypuses and other candidates all lacked opposing thumbs.

So Mama Nature finally decided to try another alternative.  She invented feminism, which led inevitably to a lot of aborting instead of having to kill off youngsters by disease, hunger and filth.  Henceforth a foetus would have to convince the mother it was worth the price of admission before it was allowed to be born.

Concurrently in China Mama Nature tried a different method.  She just gave the parents incentives to kill off all their girl-babies.  This certainly had the salubrious outcome of reducing the number of female offspring living to reproduce, but Mama Nature considered it a bit broad-brush.  It threw the baby out with the bathwater insofar as improving the species.

Mama Nature’s experiment hasn’t been going long enough to establish whether it’s a 100% success, but it is certainly telling her a lot about human beings.  For instance, infants fathered by weakling beta males picked up in bars tended to be unconvincing for survival in the eyes of feminists.  And those fathered in best-she-could-do wedlock by weakling betas also didn’t offer up convincing arguments for survival.  Same with drunken beach orgies, impromptu filmings of porn flics, the whole range of sexual activities indulged without regard for genetic factors.

It’s going to take a while for the results of Mama Nature’s feminist experiment to reveal themselves, but whatever they might be, she’ll come out the other end with a better understanding of how to deal with human beings and modern medicine.

There’s still a possibility humanity won’t have to be replaced with barn owls.

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