Tokyo uppercrust fashion challenges of the future

Blue, or yellow? Which goes best with white? Which does the discriminating Tokyo party-goer find contributes to the alpha image?

Keeping up with the latest footware fads is becoming a challenge in Japan.  As the Nipponese citizenry leans increasingly to the clothing styles depicted in the photograph weighty fashion decisions will be required.

Old Jules

5 responses to “Tokyo uppercrust fashion challenges of the future

  1. And how many wont have the appropriate protection when the time comes? I wonder if our new ambassador to Japan will be afforded this gear when she arrives in Japan to assume her new duties.

  2. Jules

    Meant a while back on Dal’s forum in regards to Forrest Fenn and his treasure hunt.

    Wanted to ask you a few questions………..know your a intelligent man and experienced in treasure hunting………

    Also your in the New Mexico area.



    • Hi Rick. Thanks for coming by. I hope to be back in NM during October. What did you have in mind? Gracias, Jack

      • Hay Jules:)

        Ended up looking in Yellowstone. Cost me $1200 Blew out a head gasket on the car. which will cost $2100 So that’s $3300. Been treasure hunting for 20 years, all part of the game. All these projects are adding up……….

        You came to mind:)

        Would cost me $1500 to check out a location that I first sent to Fenn.
        It keeps nagging at me, because the way Fenn played it out.

        Was thinking of helping you to pay for your trip back into NM. In return to check out a really easy location.

        Just needed someone that would actually look so I can move on to other places.

        Otherwise I’m looking at June 2014 before this location can be checked out………

        If you could send me a private email. Let me know



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