MSG-free raman – cheap, fast and tasty

Hi readers.  Those of you who like a fast, cheap meal but try to die if MSG enters your vehicle might want to try this.

Raman comes in packages of several for about 20 cents per package with a separate envelope of MSG to add for flavor.  Cooks in boiling water in three minutes.

Throw out the MSG and pick up some big jars of pasta sauce for a buck per jar at the Dollar Tree Store.  Lots of options available including Garlic wossname Marinara, several others.  Also some cans of mushrooms, olives, whatever, and sardines.

Boil that raman until it’s soft, toss in a spoon of pasta sauce, mushrooms, a sardine, olives, and by golly you’ve got a decent meal for under half-a-dollar.  Boil it another minute for the hell of it.

If you don’t care for sardines the Dollar Tree Store has all manner of alternatives.  You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten Spam raman.

Old Jules

12 responses to “MSG-free raman – cheap, fast and tasty

  1. That is exactly what we do here at my place. Sometimes instead of pasta sauce I just put butter (or olive oil), salt, and Pamason Cheese. Love it. Those little noodle taste oh so good.

  2. Sometimes I add a dropped egg in the water with whatever other odds and ends I might have. Good stuff.

  3. Wish it was cheap here – after converting from Euros to Dollars, one pack of ramen is about $1.75. Ridiculous. I would use garlic, butter or olive oil, and Parmesan too – and hope for some leftover chicken to throw in.

  4. I stay with the Asian concept. I fry up some veggies, then stir in the cooked noodles to create a super fast Lo Mein supper. I like mine hot so I splash on some hot sauce with whatever Asian style sauce is in the fridge.

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