When the US Civil War was still hot off the presses – Horace Greeley 1866

Hi readers. Thanks for coming by.

Exciting stuff. A couple of blocks away from where Jeanne lives there’s an auction house in Olathe, KS. Every Saturday evening when the auction ends they put all the stuff that didn’t sell out in the parking lot for anyone who wants it, then haul what’s left to the dump.

Jeanne goes over there when she can catch it at the opportune time and finds all sorts of goodies. It’s where she found Lighthorse Henry Lee’s Memoire which caused me multiple organisms when she sent it to me. Maybe the last time in human history it will be read, and my pleasure being the one to do it.

Now a new crisis as arisen. Saturday night she found Volume 2 of Greeley’s history of the Civil War published in 1866. 700 plus pages of razor-edged northern perspective of the Civil War.

Hot diggidy damn. Multiple organisms again, just knowing that when I get settled down where I can have her sending me reading material sometime somewhere I’m damned likely to become the last person in human history to read Horace Greeley’s hot-off-the-presses Civil War.

Life is good. Even life that hasn’t happened yet and will have to wait a while.

Old Jules

8 responses to “When the US Civil War was still hot off the presses – Horace Greeley 1866

  1. I wonder if Google has scanned Greeley’s civil war tomes. Although secondary sources for the period they would make interesting reading. Today we look at that war through a lens that is a century-and-a-half old. Perspective has certainly changed since 1866.

  2. Lenrosen: Yep, perspectives have shaved it down and sculpted it into something a lot more palatable for general consumption. Nothing does more to cleanse a US president of his sins than getting assassinated while in office, and nothing does more to destroy the reputations of general grade officers than a few thousand PHD candidates taking careful looks at the decisions and generaling he did. Gracias, J

  3. Mr. Jules it is very important that you have that book scanned and submitted somewhere online.

  4. The wonders of sorting through leftovers from an auction! What fun! You are so lucky Jeanne share with you. Someone just gave me a book of letters from the Civil War today. The battles live on!

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