All dressed up and no place to go. Chernobyl ghost town 2008

The USSR was gearing up for the May Day celebration and Chernobyl was all decorated, even a Farris wheel. Then Chernobyl nuke blew. Even though it was a miniscule event compared to the one in Japan, it’s a ghost town today. Has been a ghost town since April 27, 1986.

Lots of pages and photos of a 2008 visit:


8 responses to “All dressed up and no place to go. Chernobyl ghost town 2008

  1. There’s a lesson in here somewhere…

    • kmabarrett: I think you might be right. Maybe that’s the reason it’s been so forgotten. Thanks for coming by. J

      • My pleasure.

        I think if the reactor were land-locked and they could drop cement on it like the Russians did at Chernobyl, no one would really give a hoot how much Japan was messin’ up their country.

        Given it’s dropping it all into the PacOcean, it’s another story for us fish eaters…

        • kmabarrett: Evidently not much to be done about it. Maybe they’ll figure out how to deal with this one before it happens somewhere else to some other nuke. Elegant solution. J

          • There is NO such thing as a safe nuclear plant. And we always underestimate the results of a catastrophe until we’re beat over the head by it. There’s not enough profit in prevention.

          • kmabarrett: Seems to be the law of unforeseen consequences working overtime. Thanks for coming by. Jack

  2. I recall reading that site a while back. That gal done us all a good service with her explorations and writing it up.

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