Here we sit all broken hearted

But heck. Looks as though it’s got the makings of a good day.

Old Jules

4 responses to “Here we sit all broken hearted

  1. He looks like Howdy Doody at a Hitler youth camp. But, he also has become small peanuts compared to what we now know about pretty much everything.

  2. Remember Iran-Contra. Contrary to popular opinion!
    Che only killed 1,118 in La Cabanya and best out Batista with only 747.
    Love was and is still in the air. Cain and Able still, only better. 911 bests them both and Pearl Harbor as well.

    • Yeah Chuck. And we certainly remember Che, Batista and Cain and Abel. Pearl Harbor too, if we search our memories. The Lusitania, the Maine, the Alamo, probably if we work at it we can work up a few tears for Thermopylae and Hastings. The Little Bighorn and Guadalcanal. Lexington and Concord. I see what you mean. Jack

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