Summer Olympics will be in Tokyo in 2020

What the hell more can a person add to THAT piece of news? Guided tours to the nuke sites?

Ought to be a rush on whaleburgers down at the golden arches.

Old Jules

7 responses to “Summer Olympics will be in Tokyo in 2020

  1. Just when I thought life couldn’t get more absurd…

  2. Can get a real buzz there!

  3. You know, Dad used to wirk in Area 51 during development of the U-2 and that place was right near the testing grounds, I think. Nuke particles had a 24000 (or is it 2400) year 1/2 life. Imagine those folks were the real Green Men & Women (?) because they glowed on the dark? The poor animals that came there from the neighboring deserts looked like escapees from Nagasaki, so they say. Domo arigato goziamus !

    Sayonara O Saheeb (sp?)

    • You and I are past the age of reproduction Chuck. No call for concern. Sayonara amigo. J

      • I’m not worried. I live right next to a nuclear reactor. I don’t glo in the dark yet. And I like black helicopters and drones. You can tell there has been a funds cut. Not as much surveillance any more.

        How in the world did you come up with a worry about reproduction. I’d rather get my hand slammed repeatedly in a car door. We are trying to deal with 6 new cats ( and 8 registered union members- PROUD UNION MEMBERS PF CATS, INTERNATIONAL- they sure pull a lot of weight. I know why the Egyptians thought they were gods. They are bosses. If those were kids, AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!

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