A century of bloodshed – Look what those lowdown stinking Muslims did!

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You never-forgetters have something to remember and celebrate not forgetting it.

This time a century ago the sneaky lowdown stinking Muslim Ottoman Empire was withdrawing from the Balkans.  Territory ripe for the taking by devil-take-the-hindmost.

Naturally the web of inbred monarch cousins ruling Europe, Russia and Britain wanted a piece of what those Muslims were leaving behind.  And by 1913 they’d all decided which cousins were friends this time around, and which were enemies.

Those cousins had plenty of cannon fodder and they were all waiting for a spark to set them off so’s they’d have an excuse for their patriotic homeland worship-ridden peasantry to cut one another down with artillery, machine guns and bayonettes.

A few months down the road they got their excuse when their Austrian cousin got offed by a Serbian as he drove by in a motorcade on the way to laying down the law the Austrians were about to provide for the Serbians to march to.

Thoroughly pissed off the cousins running France, the Austrian Empire, the Russian Empire, the German Empire, the British Empire, and scattered cousins elsewhere.  Eventually even the cousins running the United States.

So naturally they sent their peasants out to slaughter one another for the homeland, protecting their motherlands from all the damned foreigners taking the ownership of the land, food, wealth and power from the cousins who were providing them their weaponry and telling them to “CHARGE!  Fight to the death!”

Gave us one hell of a 20th Century.  After that the Russian peasants on the front lines starving to death fighting Germans and Austrians decided, “Screw this shit!”.  Went home and chopped their ruling cousins to death instead of going after the intended target.

Damned British cousins were having distractions in Ireland where they were starving everyone to death, and Wales with the coal miners wanting to get paid and have safety standards in their mines where so many were getting killed in mine accidents.  Had to call in the cousins from the US to bail them out.

As if that weren’t enough, the cheeky bastard Turks whipped the socks off the British Navy and all the Australian and Indian peasants the British cousins sent to invade Turkey!

French cousins had some difficulties because the damned German cousins kept telling their peasants in the trenches to shoot the French peasants, and the French cousins having to shoot their own peasants when they tried to get the hell out of Dodge.

And all because of the damned Turks.  Those damned sneaky-assed Ottoman Muslim Turks.  They caused it all.  The end of the Russian cousins, the Austrian cousins having to hide a longish time, the British cousins having to let go their stranglehold on Ireland and pay their damned miners in Wales, give them air down in the holes and ways to fight fires.

Damned Muslim bastards caused the WWII and Cold War.  Civilization hasn’t recovered yet.   30-40 million people killed in that one war and all because of those lowdown sneaking no-go0d-for-nothing Moslems.

Not to mention all the damage it did all over the world by opening up the Pandora’s Box of unions springing up all over the place keeping factory and industry owners from making an honest living by having to pay wages, have safety enough on jobs to keep a lot of injured workers from drawing attention to themselves.

And now they’re trying to do it again.  Forcing the cousins in the United States into sending the peasants out with the new generation of weaponry.

Old Jules

12 responses to “A century of bloodshed – Look what those lowdown stinking Muslims did!

  1. You have conveniently left out a major piece of history and I assume so for theatrical reasons. The settlement of the Turkish question in Europe happened a year before the outbreak of World War One. The countries of the Balkans ganged up on the Ottomans and then turned on each other in two short wars spanning 1912 and 1913. In the first war Bulgaria was the big winner in grabbing territory from the Turks. The others got smaller slices. In the second war it was all the other Balkan countries ganging up on Bulgaria to grab some of what that country had acquired.

    And in the end it was a Serb affiliated with the Black Hand and certainly not a Muslim who fired the shot to ignite all Europe and eventually the world into its first modern global war.

    • lenrosen: You say tomayto and I say tomahto, I reckons. My impression is that people don’t read this blog for lessons in history. History books are a dime-a-dozen, whereas this blog is entirely free. Thanks for coming by. J

      • I too read your blog for your humorous takes on current and past events. But it is my history background that winces when I read anecdotal material that “stretches” the facts to make a point. I surrender to your wit!

        • Hi lenrosen: History, in my view, is a spandex leotard of stretched facts. It’s only degree that varies with tastes. I hope your surrender isn’t unconditional. I’m thinking some 14 points along the lines Wilson offered up. Afterward maybe we can have WWII if we can buy enough time before the world ends. Thanks amigo. Jack

  2. You’ve covered some ground there.

  3. Chrotchity old man. You have been thoroughly corrupted by them capitalists and Dukes and Mullahs and politicians. Take two asprins and a chill pill!



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