Time to switch hats


Hi readers. Thanks for coming by.

I just want to remind those who might have forgotten it’s time to put aside that old sweat-stained straw and don your felt, or cloth hats.  Admittedly a lot of people don’t notice these days because they’re wearing ball caps sideways or backward, or just aren’t sensitive to delicate style issues.


But the people who matter will notice.

Old Jules

9 responses to “Time to switch hats

  1. And my mom would tell you to put away your white shoes, too.

  2. I’m real particular about the hat I wear. They are Imperials with a special logo I like a lot from my former job and life. It’s a cowboy in chaps with a golf bag over his shoulder. It’s no longer used. I stockpiled these over the years and maybe have four left.

    I would not feel comfortable wearing my hat backwards and never really have. It’s the conservative side I guess. Fly don’t advertize shit on his hats either and even went to the Imperial hat company in Denver a bought bunches of hats with nothing on them. It’s no longer there. These blank hats look better than most.

    Hats are real important and you know that very well.

  3. I still have a couple of Fedoras around the house that I wear once in awhile now that they’ve made a minor comeback. The things remind me of Sinatra.

  4. Lucky you don’t need one of those Russkie-type fur hats in your parts. 🙂

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