Being the luckiest man on the planet has a down side

Hi readers. Thanks for coming by for a read.

Those who read here, I assume, predominantly wish they could be me.  Most likely you think living the life I’m blessed with is all smooth sailing.  Figure all I have to do is remember to be grateful for the flat tires and 47 different ways to cook potatoes, 98 raman recipes, and clean the burrs out of the cat hair.

Sometimes I even think that’s true.  But the fact is, even the flood of blessings I enjoy in life become a trap.  Complacency slips in through the cracks and sometimes I forget to look for all the reasons those rough spots are actually a gift the Universe gives me, sometimes only as a reminder.

As an example, there’s a dragon lady in the courthouse in Timewarpsville who’s in charge anytime someone wants to try licensing or registering a trailer or motor vehicle.  I’ve found, if a person wants to get it done in fewer than three 100 mile round-trips he’d best find a time when she’s out to lunch and the other lady’s the one doing the business.

In the name of just doing her job that dragon lady can find more tees that need a 50 mile drive to cross and eyes that need dotting next trip any the average person who hasn’t experienced being Adolph Hitler could imagine.

But that’s okay.  That’s actually the Universe reminding me again I’m the luckiest man because, you see, I don’t have to be her.  Hells bells, I rarely even have to deal with her.  Don’t have to live in the same town, don’t have to have her for a relative, barely have to acknowledge such people are alive on this sphere and are part of the human species.

Sometimes I forget.  But that’s just the downside of being me.  Complacency.

Old Jules

15 responses to “Being the luckiest man on the planet has a down side

  1. What can one say about a bureaucrat who enjoys their work?

  2. Thanks for the chuckle this morning. Complacency – that would be me too.

  3. We have her twin in Alabama, but we had to make FOUR 100 mile trips before we got the opportunity to jump through the hoop!

  4. Oleo Acres Resort and RV park

    So with the days and miles of “universal awareness training” did ya get the damn thing registered?
    Looking up and down the road each day hoping to see your gypsy wagon on the dusty horizon…..

    That’s it from Oleo Acres

    • Morning Eddie. Nope, haven’t made nough round trips yet. But I will get it done and meanwhile it has Gale’s tag on it. It’s pulled up to the porch being loaded with belongings to be taken to storage. I figure that will take 3-4 round trips to Harper. I’ll be along. Regards to Val and your Uncle.

      Gracias, J

  5. It seems a qualification for working at the Motor Vehicle Department is making customers wait as long as possible. They don’t hire smiling faces around here. You are lucky to be free and not HAVE to stay where you find it unpleasant. Enjoy the ride.

  6. The dragon lady must have a close relative here in Madison County, Nebraska. 🙂

  7. Selective memory (like hearing) can be a wonderful thing!

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