Comprehending Corner-of-the-eye creeping craziness

Hi readers.  There’s something weird going on in the US you probably aren’t aware of unless you happen to be someone who plinks with a .22 rifle or pistol.  Or maybe a firearm of some other caliber.

But it’s been going on two years now, still going on today.  Ammunition manufacturers in China, Mexico, Russia, Czechoslovakia the US and elsewhere are working three shifts turning it out and shipping it t0 retail outlets and online suppliers.  They’re nowhere near satisfying the demand.

WalMart stores, for instance, get a shipment in during the night and before the store’s been open an hour there’s no more .22 ammo and damned little of anything else.

For reasons nobody anywhere can explain US citizens are filling the closets and garages with ammunition, mostly .22 caliber.

This silent, subtle fact is lurking in the periphery of something a lot larger, and I’ve spent a lot of time discussing it with anyone who might have ideas as to why it’s happening.  Everyone has ideas, and everyone admits they’re as mystified as I am what it means.

Old Jules

18 responses to “Comprehending Corner-of-the-eye creeping craziness

  1. Didn’t Soros buy up the lion’s share of amunition and firearms manufacturing businesses and stock? That is enough to cause a panic for sure.

  2. Is it possible that the production was cut instead? might be stuff the NRA & militias don’t want shared with the unwashed misguided commoners such as us? Just a thought……..buying everything up is more how the GOTP Kochroaches would seem to roll IMO. Nah, let’s blame it all on the black guy.

    • Ain’t a matter of blame so much as a mystery as to who’s buying it. Prices have gone to $45 for a box of 50 .22 long rifle hollowpoints at the hardware store in Kerrville when it’s possible to get it. Individuals buying it, they say. Same as the store clerks at WalMart tell it. Jack

  3. I don’t know if I’d trust any firepower comming from Communist China.

  4. It seems the fed gov is buying it up.
    Hmm? I wonder why they need it? Who could they possibly be planning to use it on?

    • Hi Tim. My impression is regular people are the ones buying up .22 ammo. I think maybe they like the looks of it when their closets and kitchen cabinets are all chock full of it. Gracias, J

  5. Here too, they can’t keep bullets on the shelves and it’s been going on for a while.

  6. I’ve heard that FEMA or suchlike is buying like 1.5 billion rounds of munition. There are so many other tales in the wind. I might be able to scrape up somehow .i

    • Chuck: I’d guess the Feds did buy some ammo in one quantity or another, various calibers. Government’s always in the market for ammo, pretty much used up their stockpiles and don’t want to run short in time of need. Gracias, J

  7. While 22lr is VERY hard to come by, every once in a while, you will see it. A couple of weeks ago Natchez had some thunder bolt at $29.99 a brick of 500, limit 1 brick. I didn’t buy any because the shipping was $16.00. Almost any other caliber is available if you look a 20 of so internet sites. Its still hard to get 380acp. These low power cartridges are not the type of ammo that you use for revolutions. ALSO, the price of 5.56 mil ammo has come down to 40-50 cents per round and is easy to find.
    These observation lead me to think is just hording.

    • Right! But this is played up like a hint of looming disaster for Joe Average from the Gubm’t It is like the FEMA receipt of large numbers of Marshall Law signs in Zone 3. This might be NewsMax-type stuff. Spooking the sheep.

      • Hi Chuck: I figure they’re stocking up for Y2K with those signs. Gracias, J

        • I think you missed it but I have a Y2K generator that has run about an hour and that at the shop during their tests. Now got to remagnetize the plates the potential repair guy says. Do you realize that that is 14 years ago. Sheesh!

          • Chuck: If you were nearer I could probably supply you with the Onan I’ve got up on Craigslist. Damn, you’re right about Y2K. Where did it go? Jack

    • Uncle Q: I’m thinking you’re probably right. J

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