Best Quick and Dirty Movie Scenes Ever – Baggage Check

There’s a strange logic here:

Life’s full of choices of this sort but we rarely recognize them.


There are several of these, difficult to pick one over another:

We’ve probably all experienced this thing with a pesky fly.


This one’s in a class all its own


I still have a vivid recollection of seeing this for the first time 60 years ago and wanting to get under my seat at the theater.


These two scenes almost belong in the same movie.  Chilling.

 Cabaret – Tomorrow Belongs to Me – “Do you think you can control them?”

 Panzerlied (Battle of the Bulge with english intro)  “Too young!  They’re too young!”

Zulu – The final attack – A brief history of the European conquest of everywhere else.  “They don’t have any tenors among them.  That’s for sure.”

It all sort of runs together:  “Tell your sweetheart not to pine, to be glad her boy’s in line.”

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Patton – “At least you’ll be able to tell them you didn’t spend it shovelling shit in Louisiana.”


Followed by this:

Network – Mad as Hell Scene  – “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”


Cool Hand Luke – “I don’t care if it rains or freezes.”


Treasure of Sierra Madre – “Badges?  We don’t nee no stinkin badges


North by Northwest – Climbing the American ladder of success


The Alamo – “When I was a boy any girl would turn up a bunch of trees like that, cut a bunch down and one for a ridge pole and build herself a cabin alongside the other.  Seems like all anyone would ever need.”


The Outlaw Josie Wales parleys with 10 Bears – “Dying ain’t so hard for people like you and me.  It’s living that’s hard.  Governments don’t live here.  It’s people who live here.  I’m saying people can live here together without butchering one another.”



5 responses to “Best Quick and Dirty Movie Scenes Ever – Baggage Check

  1. when I read the title, I was all ears, “what the”?
    and as I read down and recalled every classic you’ve touched on here, excellent post, memorable movies, I remember watching the Alamo with my brother the day my mother met my step father and they were together till he passed, funny how movies and music hang as pivotal points in our lives like a long lost song, you never forget a note.

    One of my favorites was Monty Walsh and Jeremiah Johnson
    have a quality day Jules


    • Morning zendictive. Sheeze, I’d forgotten Jereiah Johnson. I don’t recall much about the movie, but I used to read the book every several years because it was a fine piece of work. Monty Walsh rings a bell but I can’t recall it. Was it played by hmm the guy who used to be the cop in M-Squad… Played a guy who’d been scalped in The Comancheros, had a pig tail … guy who was in the musical with Clint Eastwood who sang a song on a horse in the rain, both him and the horse drunk? Thanks for stopping in. Gracias, Jules

      • Lee Marvin,
        wow, Cat Balou, now there’s a classic, yep, he and his horse were drunk, funny stuff… you know, Jerimiah Johnson is one of my favorite movies and I have never read the book, I’m gonna have to find that one, thanks, my brother got my mother an Ipod, for downloading e-books, maybe I can get Jerimiah Johnson on there for her and then read it (grinin)

  2. that is sure one cool song Paul Newman sings

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