Bat in the bug light and other big news and events

Evidently a bat got confused and got snagged in the buglight instead of coming into the cabin to fly around as they usually do.

Every m0rning the chickens feast under that light as soon as I turn them loose.  But I think I’d best unplug it before I poke around with a stick trying to get that bat out of there.

Ah well.  Maybe the chickens will eat it.

This cool morning had me putting on clothing instead of running around with nothing but shoes on to turn out the chickens and feed the cats.  But it reminded me I’ve been almost a year without any gas for the cookstove and no way except the woodstove to knock the morning chill out of the cabin.  I’m going to have to do something about that.

Then there’s this:

It’s coming nigh onto time to haul water again.  Probably also ought to try to figure out what’s wrong with that well pump.  It’s been since last December it quit, but I didn’t want to rush anything.  If I need to pull that pump I didn’t want to do it in cold weather when it happened, but didn’t want to do it in hot weather the rest of the time.

Saw this in the parking lot of the Humane Society Thrift Store the other dayInside the guy was easy to identify, looked about like you'd figure


He was poking around in a box of old LP records.  I tried to start a conversation with him about old music but he wasn’t having any of it.

This old XP’s going kerplunk.  I picked up a replacement at the Thrift Store and if I can figure out where all these wires go I’ll have it in here in a jiffy as soon as I get around to it.

Great day to you.

Old Jules

15 responses to “Bat in the bug light and other big news and events

  1. I guess you wouldn’t want to force a conversation in up-close-like quarters. Too bad he didn’t know any more when he left than when he came in.

    • Good Luck Duck: Doing his own thing, I reckons. Some of the LPs he had set aside to buy caused me to think we might enjoy exchanging a few remarks, but likely as not we mightn’t have, once I tried. Guy had fairly decent taste in music, but if I messed with turntables and such I’d have bought some he rejected. Bumper stickers tell an awfully lot about the people who choose them I reckons. Gracias, Jules

  2. bats, they are everywhere here too. When we fish at night, the light attracts bugs and what follows moths, yeppers, bats. Great Post, seems someone with martial arts is more social with their communty. perhaps his kids connect better (~_~)

    • Hi zendictive. Thanks for coming back by. Yeah, the bats here are migratory I suppose. Most of the year I barely see any, but then they bunch up in time and occupy the attic. The opening around the chimney pipe gives them a way to come into the cabin and explore, then forget how to get back out. I don’t mind much, but some percentage of them carry rabies and I’d hate for the cats to have any association with them. But getting them out of the cabin isn’t much fun, chasing them around with a dip net, then trying to get them out of the dip net once they’re outdoors. They’ve got a lot of claws and snags in unexpected places and don’t take kindly to being manhandled. Hiss and fuss something awful. Gracias, Jules

  3. I think it’s time for a new well pump Old Jules! 🙂

  4. Your life is diametrically opposed to mine. Thanks for the window into a world I wouldn’t otherwise see.
    And I can’t believe you don’t have a good bat recipe (though you should cook it thoroughly to kill any germs/becteria).

    • Hi El Guapo: Strange sitting here peeling this orange considering the possibility there are people out in the world living a life different than this. But I suppose there must be, given how weird human life is and what directions people go off in trying to get a handle on it. I have to face the fact, no matter how unpalatable, that there are people who are different than me, though I doubt they’re numerous. Kind of fun thinking what kinds of activities they must be doing to occupy themselves. I’m obliged to you for coming by, even if you didn’t offer up a recipe for the bat. Gracias, Jules

  5. I liked the bat catcher, lolz amazing effort had one done in good size. Carry on Jules 🙂

  6. Aren’t thrift stores grand? I went the other day and found a ceramic duck planter made in “occupied Japan”. I was tickled to pay the 59 cents for it. 😉

    On a side note – the bat is probably worth a decent burial.

    • Hi guttermutt: Yep, they’re a great way to avoid the inherent problems of consumer inflation. Or at least mitigate them. A guy down the street from where I bought this XP box gets 200-250 for identical machines. This one was $50 and comes with an assurance if it doesn’t work they’ll swap me for one that does. Thanks for coming by. Gracias, Jules

  7. certainly an interesting blog, different to the ones I normally visit and great use of photos. I’ve added you to my list of favourites to see what goes up in the coming week. and btw thanks for commenting on my blog. it’s always good to hear a new voice

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