Old Sol and Songs of Innocence and Experience – William Blake

Old Sol coughed up a pretty good hairball yesterday.  You can see a nice video of it here:  http://spaceweather.com/  He’s evidently still got some internal issues to deal with, as well.

Astrophysicists speculate one of the planets might have sassed him, but renaissance theologians believe it’s something to do with counting tiny beings dancing on the head of a pin. 

The attempted partial Solar eclipse in Antarctica was evidently successful and went without incident.

Down here at the Center of the Universe it’s stacking up to be a pretty good day.  I’m thinking I might get the starter replaced on the 4-Runner and finally know whether that’s why it won’t crank. 

I’ve promised the chickens they’ll have some Purina Cat Food soaked in the juice off some Elgin Sausage I’m having for lunch.  The felines are settling for a can of Special Dinner.

All’s well here in the Center of the Universe.

Tipping my hat to the literati and music lovers among you readers I’m offering this today:

I was actually planning to use the Greg Brown version of this, but couldn’t find it.  The cats and chickens are unanimous in thinking the Brown version is better but they agreed this one will do while Brown’s off hiding from the law or whatever he’s doing these days:










Old Jules


17 responses to “Old Sol and Songs of Innocence and Experience – William Blake

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Juls! Grateful for having made your acquaintance through blogging! 🙂 Many blessings to you!

  2. happy thanksgiving amigo (~_~)

  3. My starter just went out too. My cousin was saying that he has ‘arc started’ his jeep before- this is how he knew it was the starter that needed to be replaced. By doing this he A) was able to deduce it was indeed the starter and B) drive to the auto parts store and buy a new one.

    Something about pulling off a boot and arcing the coil to the chassis, receiving a ‘just a mild electric shock’. I have yet to try this though I intend to today. Oh and the ignition switch had to be turned all the way on.

  4. YOU VIDEO-ED “OL SOL”. your cat, coughing up a hairball? Yeeeeck! Why embarrass the poor cat? Anyway, have a real good Thanksgiving, and I’ll listen to William Blake when the Westminster Dog show isn’t on and I get through the nap before work (our once-a-year acknowledgement to dogs—we’re cat people—the Show, not the nap). I enjoy your stuff. Thanks for “Liking” mine—I wrote it by request of an older workmate—-we sometimes share “sputters” about the state of education, and the world in general. Take care now (and our regards to ‘Ol Sol”). Jonathan

  5. Hey Jules…I just got your ‘like’ on my tiny, fledgling blog and it’s made my night. I’m sitting in London in the night, trying to work out if its worth the time doing work on my site.

    Now I’ve come over to yours and enjoyed it so much…s’made me remember that communication is a wonderful thing and with it the world is a smaller, friendlier place.

  6. The way you write is so intriguing.

    I hope all goes well with the car. Tell the cats and chickens hello for me (and my cats & chickens)! 🙂

  7. old jules, i see you have visited my site “according to clyde” a couple of tiems… i can see we have a lot in common…same age, both live far out in the country where it is dark at night, don’t care for politicians, lawyers, and preachers, have lots of chickens…haaaaaaa…..
    anyway keep in touch.. i love your site. i am slowly reading your posts, but since i see you have many many comments that you always answer, i am reluctant to add to your “work load” … know that ,i appreciate what you are saying…thanks…… clyde ( el bandito barba blanca)

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog and that you liked my recent post about Venus, etc. Fitting that you like to keep track of the Sun, since I clearly remember Old Sol having a “presence” in Texas a few steps above its impact here in Minnesota. I lived a bit south of you near Pleasanton, TX, for two years in the mid-90s. The closest I came to your neck of the woods was in my part-time job with Washington Inventory, counting stuff twice at the Kerrville K-Mart. I’ll be by again!

  9. Yeah, I figured it out as soon as I got off line and couldn’t get back on. Must be I was thinking a lot about cats. Thanks for being understanding.

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