Websearch: “Lowlifes on Welfare” brings’em here.

Someone spang found this blog searching for “lowlifes on welfare“.

I’m thinking it must have been Google analyzing this pic I posted describing how a person could get spiffed up to go to town by shaving with sheep shears instead of a razor:  Shaving with sheep shears.

Well, heck!  I hate to see someone come here and find only half of what he was looking for.  I’m just hoping the emphasis was on finding a lowlife instead of finding someone on welfare.

On the other hand, I have a suspicion a person who’d do a search using that particular phrase probably would define the Social Security I paid into five decades and some change and draw now qualifies as welfare.  So maybe he went away having gotten his moneys worth.  Riding the Bread Line

Brought to mind one of my favorite quotes from the bard.  Hamlet’s immortal summing up just about said it all, but when they set it music for the musical ‘Hair’ I’ve always thought it might be considered an improvement in some contexts.  Enough irony there so’s a magnet would pick it up.

The fog’s gotten so thick outdoors I can barely see across the front porch.

Old Jules



15 responses to “Websearch: “Lowlifes on Welfare” brings’em here.

  1. Might the fog lead those lost searching souls were they belong.

  2. Those folks that think social security is part of welfare must have crapped in their flat hats when they heard we were getting a few cents cost of living raise next year.
    I have supported myself and a bunch of others since I was 17 and I owe nothing. I can live in a ditch if I have to and if I have a pocket knife my life will be better by tomorrow. Without the pocket knife it may take a day or so longer.
    “What a piece of work is man…” yes indeed.

  3. Just have the biggest most affectionate hug from me Jules. To me you are not a prince of Denmark, to me you are the King of England!

  4. sure enjoyed your writings…..will read more of you later.

  5. This is very good, enjoyed the read and your philosophy, thank you 🙂

  6. Hey Jules, take a sad song and… Are you the county barber now? Good read!

  7. What a strange, fascinating and interesting man you are. Look forwards to more of your engaging philosophy

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