Cultivating a Taste for a Lousy Attitude

One blog I subscribe to and don’t dare delete until I’ve allowed the several minutes it takes to download the images on this dialup is There, I fixed it – Close Enough – Redneck Repairs .   

The folks who run it are insufferably smug, downtalking, and annoying smarty-pantses.  But they evidently have a cadre of followers scouting the planet for good ideas, which they post as ‘fails’, or bad, or quaintly bad taste compared to the tastes of the higher-minded posters and readers there.

So several times every day I open an email of the latest good ideas they’ve posted, allow them time to load and study them carefully.  Ignoring the source.   And every few posts another lightbulb goes off in my head as a result.  Someone, somewhere had a problem similar to one I share, and figured out a way to solve it in a way I might also solve mine.

I suppose the people running the place are just out after hit-counts and making as much money as they can any way they can, and the downtalking smugness, they’ve found in their statistics, appeals to more people than the alternative approaches.

But whatever the reasons, I’m grateful they do what they do, and I sincerely hope they continue doing it.

Old Jules

20 responses to “Cultivating a Taste for a Lousy Attitude

  1. You know the difference between treasures and trash is mere perception.

  2. I can see your quandary and agree that anyone who rates something as a “fail” does not understand the learning process. Given that, I’m happy that you may be able to save some time by discovering solutions already trialed.

  3. Ya gitz yer info where it shows up.

  4. If Necessity is the mother of invention, who is the father? Thought you might know.

    • ejalvey: There’s a mixed body of opinion about the father. Some say it’s Confidence, others Imagination, others Opportunity. There’s so little invention being born in the US these days it’s not easy to identify the father when it happens. Gracias, Jules

  5. I reckon folks just git jealous when they sees others dang good ideas, and then calls ’em crazy…….

  6. Jules, I really like what you do here.

    I like it so much, I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award, which you can read about at the following URL:

  7. Oh, and in case you have not seen these:

  8. I think I will give them a miss Jules….am already feeling guilty about all the posts I have not visited!

  9. “insufferably smug, downtalking and annoying smarty-pantses” enjoying that phrase so much I wish I’d coined it myself.

  10. What I want to know is what problem did this particular picture help you solve?

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