2012 – A Pretty Good Year by Hindsight

Good morning readers.  Here’s wishing each of you whatever you consider best for yourself in 2012.

Some years are better viewed by hindsight than during the actual living of them.  1954 was such a year, and I have an idea 2012 might be another.  Long hindsight smooths down the rough spots and helps remove a lot of the detritus keeping us from viewing it in ways we can appreciate the strong points.

Almost everyone in that picture is dead, with the possible exceptions of the blonde kid next to me, cousin wossname, the girl behind me without glasses, and my ownself.  The blonde kid might be dead, or he mightn’t. 

He and I never had much truck after the time that picture was taken.  He lived in Pennsylvania was part of the reason, but the other part was in the fact I accidentally shot him in the lower leg with an arrow and his mom didn’t care to bring him down our way anymore.  Next time I might have improved my marksmanship, she alleged.

Fact was the kid and I were shooting at a target, taking turns.  He was down close to the target waiting for me to shoot so’s to retrieve the arrows and take his turn.  But just as I released, he ran in front of the target and ruined my shot, sank that arrow spang into his calf a goodly distance.

On the ground bleeding and squalling to high heaven, he denied that’s how it happened, and there was an element of belief among the adults present.  Them knowing how much I despised that spoiled little prick.

Anyway, with the softening provided by the passage of all those decades and all the protagonists either dead, or might as well be, 1954 shines out as a middling good year.

Similar to how I think there’s a good chance most people who are online January 1, 2013, will have fonder recollections of 2012 around January 1 2050, than they do recapping it 2013.

Which isn’t to suggest 2012 won’t be a great year.  I fully expect it will.  I won’t be the least surprised if 2012 has more surprises in store than almost any year in living memory.  Tremendous opportunities for growth experiences.  But growth experiences do have a way of needing more hindsight to be appreciated than those years when all we do is sit around watching television.

So, here’s wishing all of you as much potential for personal growth during 2012 as you consider yourself qualified to appreciate as soon afterward as possible.

Old Jules


34 responses to “2012 – A Pretty Good Year by Hindsight

  1. This is the year we get to discover what it’s like to be a Septuagenarian, Old Jules. One of the things we’ll be able to do, I understand, is read the Septuagint in the original Greek. That should be really exciting.

  2. Happy New Year. Make it great.

  3. And my best wishes, especially good health, to you, too. May the year 2012 bring you all the good things you expect from it.
    Best regards,

    • Thanks Pit. Great health to you, also. Let’s you and I appreciate it whatever it does as it goes along, I reckons so’s not to have to wait for it. Gracias, Jules

  4. If the blonde kid didn’t learn to stay out of the line of fire, he probably didn’t survive. That is usually the problem those “spoiled little pricks” face in life. Wishing you the best in 2012′

    • Morning Steve: You also. One of the ways we humans find to shorten our lives without any conscious effort, I reckons, so’s we can get an earlier taste of what’s next. Gracias, Jules

  5. Happy New Year – best and brightest for 2012 !!!!!!!

  6. Wishing you a very Happy New Year! 🙂

  7. 2012 is going to be a HUGE challenge for me…in a weird way I am looking forward to seeing if I am up to it!

    • granny1947: Loving he challenges is a vital piece of the action, I reckons. We’re up to it, win, lose or draw. Often just don’t have enough hindsight left to know it. Gracias, Jules

  8. Wow, that Sinatra version was stupendous. Happy New Year to you and yours.

    • 2gadabout: Yeah, I like that version. More rougher and insightful I reckons. Thanks for coming by. My cats, chickens and me mirror your sentiments. Gracias, Jules

  9. You made one cute kid there, Jules. I hope your New Year brings you a bonus of positive surprise, joy, and innumerable opportunities for productive growth and sustained fortitude.

    • ejalvey: I think I’ll manage it if I concentrate on the job. Provided I don’t backslide to some past me who wasn’t able. Glad you came by and sending you whatever it is needs sending. Gracias, Jules

  10. Growth experiences, heh!

    I think for myself, that the lesson I’m learning is to realize the lesson is taking place as its happening. Somehow that gives me more satisfaction, even if the lesson is a difficult one.

  11. Thanks for a very amusing post.

  12. I liked it. Happy New Year.

  13. Love this. My dad is a storyteller and this reminds me so much of the stories he tells. He could have easily been you, sinking an arrow into his friends leg.

    Have a wonderful 2012.

  14. Boys, as they say, will be boys! Amusing story 😉
    I remember when my younger brother Tom stuck a fork in the fire of the gas range and branded me on the bicep. I had that scar for many years before it faded.
    May 2012 be a banner year, and yes, each successive year/month/week/day brings its own gaggle of surprises.
    Happy New Year, Jules!

    • Hi Bela: Yeah, so will girls. Good seeing you this day. I’ve got a brand on my arm, too, but nobody did it to me, except me. Macho kid thing from when boys were boys. Here’s wishing you the same as you wished. Gracias, Jules

  15. Said backward to be appreciated forward–or is that the reverse?? Either way, I’ll heartily agree that full assessment is only possible well after the fact, and that one’s perspective in the assessment is was and ever shall be only one’s own–and that’s a *good* thing! 🙂

  16. hollyberrybrown

    happy new year to you . . . and to the little blond kid. May you both be arrow free in 2012 😉

  17. Your picture reminds of one with me and my 18 cousins. There opinion: I was the “prick” from Oregon. My opinion: they were “uncivilized HEATHENS” from ‘bama.
    Cheers to 2012!

  18. Oops, that is supposed to read “Their opinion…” Sorry about that.

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