The Tanglefoot of Expecting the Unexpected

You couldn’t make this up.

Yesterday several blogs I subscribed to began with identical words:

A recent Freedom of Information Act request has revealed that the FBI wants what it calls “food activists” prosecuted as terrorists, perhaps because nothing could more terrifying than exposing where our so-called food comes from and how it is manufactured.”

I didn’t disbelieve it initially, but it seemed a bit sloppy, though not outside the realms of the possible.  What bothered me about it was the fact nothing was mentioned about who made the FOIA request, why, and the precise wording of the contents of the FBI document. 

So I plugged the sentence, A recent Freedom of Information Act request has revealed that the FBI wants what it calls “food activists” into the dogpile dot com search engine.

My thought was that it wouldn’t require much search to find an initial post with the core information.  Instead, as of early evening yesterday, there were 20 pages of posts repeating the one I’d recieved.  Earliest I found was December 23, then more a couple of days later, gradually building up to a landslide yesterday.  Blogs all over the web re-posting the same piece of writing, some with variations or addenda of their own.

Not one expressing the slightest doubt the story was true.  Not one questioning where the original claim originated.   Today there’ll be more as the panic spreads, I’m thinking.

The problem is the powers running this country opened a door to a new avenue of the believable.  Indefinite detention Act voids US Constitution, Get a Job! Internment/Resettlement Specialist, US Army, Sunday morning thoughts December 18, 2011, and  The Long Watch referred to the activities of the US Congress a few days back, along with the way some people were responding to it. 

But once that desire to be able to lock US Citizens up without any due process based on being suspected of terrorism was enshrined in Congressional activity, all bets were off.  Suddenly it makes all kinds of sense for the folks charged with law enforcement and pesky people doing all manner of legal things they’d like to lock them up for to want to squeeze them into the meaning of the word terrorist.   They know that, and you and I know they know that.

So out of nowhere comes a claim the FBI’s already doing it.  How much disbelief does the discerning reader need to suspend to accept it as gospel without the acquired skepticism of experience with the huge mass of BS on the web?

Heck.  Maybe it’s even true.  The only evidence it isn’t true is the fact there isn’t a grain of evidence it is.

Expecting the unexpected has some inherent pitfalls.  One being that we see what we expect to see.

Old Jules


20 responses to “The Tanglefoot of Expecting the Unexpected

  1. Happy New Year, Jules!
    Btw, I chopped up some onions yesterday. Does that make me a food terrorist?

  2. So true Old Jules. Just last night I asked my son if he’d seen the new Canadian coin with the alien n it. When I looked I immediately saw and alien (because I was told it was an alien) when he looked he saw a small child. He is not easily influenced and has a mind of his own (believe me I raised him I know!!!)

    It just goes to show how a misconception can quickly become fact.

    • ladywithatruck: Thanks for coming by. Facts can’t hold up under careful scrutiny, I reckons. I trusts the unexpected, which trumps facts and is a lot more interesting. Gracias, Jules

  3. That’s the major problem with the internet and these “stories” Some kid in a back room in BumFolker ND makes up a post and puts it out on his social network. All the other 13 yr old druggie followers take it as truth and spread it around.
    Wish there was an IQ test before you could use a computer.

  4. Thank you so much for your post. I am doing everything I can to inform folks of the coming food wars. I have a report in the making about genetic engineering of our food from farm to table, the plight of farmers fighting Monsanto and our contaminated food supply. Also, we should be aware of Monsanto subsidiaries and owned companies that are slowly but surely taking over the pharmaceutical industry as well.

  5. While they’re genetically engineering the food, whoever “they” are, I would appreciate a chemical additive that would allow me to eat all the fat, salt & sugar I want without getting fat…

  6. I saw that story, too. The original seems to come from Michael Kindt at Cagle Post. I’m willing to bet his source is this one. Both mention two items which seem connected. The Center of Constitutional Rights filed a lawsuit against the AETA. At about the same time, some law student filed a FOIA request with the FBI regarding the use of the AETA. If Kindt had bothered to tell us about all the ways the FBI have actually tried to use the AETA against activists, it would be more plausible, though perhaps not as extreme as he would like us to believe. But things don’t look good, either.

    • Hi Ed. Likely you’ve figured it right. On the other hand, I’d love to read the FOIA request and the document if it exists. Gracias, Jules

      • Lots of articles mention the FOIA request, but nobody seems to have a copy of it posted. I just imagine you’ll have to get with the Center for Constitutional Rights, because the law student (Shapiro) is part of the Blum lawsuit and one of the activists who would be subject to such enforcement as the FBI seems to intend. They probably have it somewhere and didn’t bother to post a link.

        • Morning Ed. Thanks for providing all that. I reckons I probably don’t need to read it after all. It falls under the heading of ‘not my business’ because I couldn’t do anything about any of it anyway, no matter which way it fell. Gracias, Jules

  7. Oh Lord! Once again I have to say that ‘you don’t want to get me started’ and (once again) I’m reading your post too late at night for me to make an intelligible response anyhow. But I will say that when I read stuff like this I’m moved to dust off and revive my Seriously-Annie blog. I’ve been sitting on the fence about it. But one thing is for certain, tomorrow I’m getting back to my “Silencing a Nation” book proposal and research. Thanks for lighting a fire under me. 😉

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