The Long Watch


Lot’s of high-powered rifle ammunition flying around the surrounding ranches this morning. But I don’t think it’s a government SWAT team come all the way out here to shoot my face off between breaths this fine morning.

In fact, I think it’s deer hunters out trying to squeeze in a last-minute set of antlers on an umpty-ump-point-buck to take home and put on the wall.

I only mention this because a few of you readers and a particular slice of the population of preparedness blogs I read are taking the “Come in and get me coppers!” approach to reflecting on what the US Congress has been doing lately.  There’s a high-anxiety factor leading people to say things on blogs suggesting they think if the government wants them it’s going to have a tough job on its hands getting them. 

Anyone who stops to think about this concept a moment ought to be able to figure out that’s not how it’s going to play out.  Even if they’re correct in thinking someone thinks they’re important enough to send in the cavalry to get them. 

No matter how good you guys who’ve been collecting a thousand different great knives and 200 each calibers of weaponry and ammunition anticipating what you believe is happening, if they want you, they’re going to get you.  If you’ve been shouting challenges at them from your blogs, they’ll most likely do it to your face between two breaths from a distance of a quarter-mile while you take an outdoor leak.

This isn’t the best moment in history to be talking about going to war with the US government.  Even in a whisper.  They’ve spent the last decade developing tactics, strategies, surveillance gear and weaponry intended to deal with people a lot uglier, smarter, sneakier and more highly motivated than any US citizen is likely to be.

I’m not saying what the US Congress did over the past couple of weeks won’t change a lot of things in ways you’ve come to see as your ‘rights’.  I believe it probably will.  I’m just saying you might be well advised to think things through more carefully than you’ve been doing.  You’re all dressed up to play checkers but the game has changed to chess.

Thinks I. 

Old Jules


12 responses to “The Long Watch

  1. the waco example…?
    not that they were doing wrong or right in waco, clearly they were in the wrong but the government showed the country they will get you if they want you.
    very thought provoking post mi amigo

    • zendictive: Yeah, a lot of people died at Waco. I’d be hesitant to suggest anyone of them would have been sentence to death in any court of law of the time for whatever they were doing in there. I’m not even certain they were breaking any Texas, nor any US statute. Thanks for the visit and observation. Gracias, Jules

  2. For some reason, the cover of that Stan Freberg LP made me think, “My breasts are deadly weapons!”

  3. I’m with you Jules. Most of these paranoid types are mere nuisances. The ones we really have to worry about are the ones who don’t make challenges and do everything they can to be invisible.

    • Jane Sadek: Glad you came by for a visit. I’m not sure you and I fit into the same ‘we’ in this one. I’m not worried about any of them. Invisible probably isn’t among the options, but if they are the Coincidence Coordinators would have to be working overtime to metamorphose them into a threat to me, the cats and the chickens. Gracias, Jules

  4. I must agree with your sentiment in this blog. Although I am concerned that we don’t lose our individuality in the name of national security. We need less political correctness and more common sense.

  5. High powered rifles? …HEAVY sigh. You don’t even want to get me started on this one. Besides, it’s too late at night to do any more thinking, and my thinking isn’t going to make a bit of difference to certain people anyhow, so I’ll just leave this one alone 😉

  6. The only solace I can find in the craziness we’re living through is the government doesn’t own my thoughts. As you pointed out my life is of little importance to anyone but me.

    It frosts me to think of all that has been stolen from the People.

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