Indefinite detention Act voids US Constitution

25 responses to “Indefinite detention Act voids US Constitution

  1. Amazing how many people are unaware….

  2. Thanks for bringing this to attention.


  4. Just another sad commentary on what is happening here in the USA.

  5. Commentary? We need ALARM. WE need it finally, now.

  6. Yeah, no problem. You mean ‘folks’ like Obama? Or ‘folks’ like Fox news and CNN that aren’t putting this on their frontage headlines? Folks like the demonstrators who are getting nothing accomplished…?

    • Neal Cormier: By folks, I mean folks who eventually recognize what’s happened. I’m fairly confident the prez and both houses of the US Congress are aware of what they are doing and that this didn’t happen in a void. It’s been a long time coming. ‘. . . getting nothing accomplished. . .” doesn’t really capture anything about this. Something got accomplished. It just wasn’t what anyone expected to get accomplished except the people who actually accomplished it. The only question once the prez signs it is who gets to have it accomplished on them. Gracias, Jules

  7. This constitution will be 223 old March 4, 2012. I’m surprised that it has lasted this long. The country has been around a little longer but I think it will not last in a recognizable form until it’s 300th birthday (not even a blink of an eye to a Giant Sequoia). When the downward spiral starts increasing it’s speed exponentially, as it is now, it is too late to stop it.
    Dig up a few citizens of the roman empire (or any other) and ask them how it went.
    The country was born in violence, has increased the violence and once upon a time I thought it would die in violence but now I think it may be like an old fighting chicken and just lay down and die with only a whimper.
    I don’t blame the people at the top of the heap. I blame us bottom feeders that have allowed it.
    The forces of evil far outnumber the forces of good and they are us.
    Accept each day as a gift. Peace and freedom will come when we go back to the dust from whence we came and that will be soon enough.

    • Morning Oldfool: Glad you came by for a visit. You and I have seen a middling amount of life without the whimper doing the job, nor the violence, either. Likely we’ll see some more and whichever way it goes we’ll still exit the vehicle successfully. That’s good enough to satisfy most normal purposes. Gracias, Jules

  8. Old Jules | December 17, 2011 at 8:04 AM | Reply

    Ah, I’ve found a worthy duelist! I appreciate your sense of debate and actually share your opinion in terms of the demonstrators. I should have said “I really think they could put their collective efforts into political action in another, more creative way.” That is my actual opinion.

    “By folks, I mean folks who eventually recognize what’s happened.—////That’s a vague category to say the least.//// — I’m fairly confident the prez and both houses of the US Congress are aware of what they are doing and that this didn’t happen in a void. ” – ////This is a total package deal. You are lumping a big group of people into something you have dealt with in a ‘throw-away’ flippant fashion. I am guilty of such flippancy as well, mind you…But to say that both houses of Congress “know what they’re doing” is naive in the extreme. Did Congress ‘know what it was doing’ when Reagan and raped El Salvador in terms of Goldman Sachs control over his cabinet? – You are right to say however, that “this was not all created in a void.” But what you call a void is actually a context. “The Gods give their love ONLY to those that demand the impossible.” This is the creed we need to remember, not what you are suggesting in reality which is nothing more than an enhanced version of ‘pass the buck to the next guy.’

    • NealCormier: I mustn’t have stated my intentions clearly. I’m not debating with you and I’m not attempting to influence your viewpoint. I have no idea what people need, beyond the basics of food, water, shelter, protection from the cold. I also don’t have a clear enough idea of what they ‘need to do’ in any given circumstances to consider myself a worthy source of advice. I’m reasonably sure nobody comes here looking for advice. If they did they’d be crazy to accept any I, during some moment of insanity, presumed to give them.

      I’m confident you’re not here trying to get me to explain what you should do with yourself and what opinions you should hold. You’ve given no indication you are, or I’d have attempted to dissuade you.

      As for influencing events accumulating in the future planning to spill over into the now and keep some future past interesting and amusing, nobody in the future has been in touch with me asking for any of my opinions, either. The people who visit and read this blog are adults with minds of their own. They’re going to have to figure things out for themselves, same as I have to, same as you’ve done for yourself.

      So whatever you think I should be doing, I’m glad to consider it, but I’m a bit hardheaded once I’ve settled into whatever it is I think I think at any given moment.

      Gracias, Jules

  9. I bid you good morning then. I understand. You simply live in a better world. Hey man, more power to that, but don’t think for a moment the that that is anywhere near the pulse of the world.

  10. “Pulse of the world”……quite an interesting concept, sir……could you tell me if this pulse you refer to is the same pulse that emanates from the Galactic Center (Milky Way Galaxy) at a continuous 300 cycle,10 minute long, radio burst in 77 minute intervals…..or are you referring to perhaps an oil rig in Saudi Arabia or the HAARP “farm” in Alaska, or maybe under a tank tread in the Holy Land somewhere or a private Debtor’s Prison in New Mexico???… you have GPS coordinates handy so this knowledge can be shared with those of us who may be less as enlightened as yourself? We’d appreciate it, it would save us a lot of future wasted efforts……BTW is there a difference in the pulse of the world in relation to the pulse of the multi-verse? Inquiring minds would love to know, have a nice weekend…….

  11. You too. I feel bad, I didn’t intend to come off this way. I apologize for just rushing into debate when I assume that’s what the rest of the world does too. I respect your point of view and love reading your stuff, so oriented toward what I saw as common sense rationality and a similarity politics. Didn’t mean to assume the intended method of communication wasn’t preferred.

    • Neal Cormier: Not a problem amigo. Everything’s cool. I appreciate your visit. I’ve just been wrong so many times in my life about so many things I’m a difficult man to corner into an opinion. I carry an acute awareness I might be wrong this time, too. Gracias, Jules

    • @ Neal Cormier, the Constitution can be suspended, the Bill Of Rights can be shredded, the Law Of Unintended Consequences is indomitable and is always “on”….back in my duelist days I was pretty good, if I say so myself, but being a duelist has an unfortunate occupational hazard attached to it….that being, sometimes you might fire before clearing the holster with your pistol and blow a toe off. I figured having 7 toes was better than having 6 and quit the duelist’s union and became a conversationalist type instead and saved myself the expense of buying myself crutches, guess I’ll never be a right wing talk show host with that approach but I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll get over it somehow, if I had gotten a little sense a lot sooner I might have 8 toes today….I hope I get to survive at least one incarnation with all 10 toes, but the further on I go I realize I’ve never met anyone with all 10 toes. I guess you’re in good company Neal….have a great and blessed day, it don’t mean nothin’….drive on 😉

      • Hi Rich: Here’s hoping Santy brings you some more toes and hauls away your shootin’ arns if you’re contemplating anymore toe-ectomies as byproducts of duels. Have a great one amigo. Jules

  12. Jules you are a lucky man. Obviously you made the move to the hill country before the real estate crash. I’ve been trying to sell my place in the burbs for almost two years to move to the hills of Alabama. I’m an old hen, almost as old as you (getting there fast) and getting wiser by the day. Thanks for liking my post about America’s plight. I’m loving your posts too. Good Day from central Alabama and keep up the great work!
    Sunni (Rumbling Earth)

    • Morning Sunni and thanks for coming by for a visit. Yeah, I’m a lucky man, but perhaps not for the reasons you’ve mentioned. I’m living on this place because a long-time friend owns it and the cabin was vacant at a time when the adobe I lived in located in Placetas, New Mexico, didn’t appear to be able to keep standing through another winter. I was chased here by the Coincidence Coordinators, you might say, heaping blessings on me while they cracked the whip of desperate motive. Gracias, Jules

  13. The 4th Amendment must be pretty well annihilated by now. Last spring the Supreme Court gave law enforcement the right to barge, without a search warrant, in your home if they suspect evidence is being destroyed- cops have always been completely objective, right? It seems like we ought to be able to live and breathe without all the silly games. Sometimes, when we’re worried about work I tell my husband we have to keep it in perspective, all the rules and regulations don’t mean a lot it’s just something to keep us busy while we’re awake.

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