I’d Sure Like to Have Me One of Them Drones

Morning readers.  I’m obliged you came by for a read.

I’ve been studying on that picture of the pretty little airplane those whatchallit, Iraning people found in the sky and captured.  I’m fairly impressed and would sure like to have me one, even though I haven’t figured out exactly how it works.


That airplane doesn’t have much in the way of control surfaces and weight-and-balance might be tricky.  Not as much rudder on it as a person might wish.

I’m wondering if a person might lure one down with an orange jump suit, Helicopters and Orange Jump Suits.  If those things are flying around some silly-assed place like whatchallit, Irang, where there’s nothing to see but a bunch of Persians, seems to me they’re bound to be flying around here where there’s really good stuff.

Anyway, they can’t be that hard to catch.  A man with a CB radio might be able to snag one, I’m thinking, if the orange jump suit didn’t do the trick.

I’ll have to study on it after I’ve got it to decide whether it’s best to put a harness underneath of the hang-glider variety, or mount a saddle on top.  I don’t like the idea of riding it bareback the way Slim Pickens rode that bomb.  Until a person got the feel for it, that thing might just buck some.

Besides, I’m used to more rudder than that and I’ve never flown anything without a tail section.  Likely I’d want to fly it around treetop level a while so I didn’t have too far to fall at first.

If I’m good maybe old Santy will bring me one.

Old Jules


17 responses to “I’d Sure Like to Have Me One of Them Drones

  1. Good morning Jules,
    I like the article and I also like the contrast opf old and new in the pictures.
    Take care, and have a great weekend,

  2. betterlifejourney

    Love your blog. Makes me smile and there isn’t much that does that for me these days. Keep up the eclectic, irreverent and down-to-earth work.

    • Betterlifejourney: Life’s a pretty good place to spend a lifetime if a person looks at it from the right angle. I try to do that. Glad you came for a visit. Gracias, Jules

  3. Hi Jules

    Thanks for popping into the India Road blog, Portugal is a long way from New Mexico, but 500 years ago we were up that neck of the woods too, courtesy of Cabeza de Vaca and others.

    Your stuff is very enjoyable, Just the right mix of pithy and wry (sounds like some kind of drink).

    And in China 69 isn’t old, just nicely run in.

  4. Loved the bomb!

  5. Do we all remember when the Republicans lost the fully equipped spy plane? I often wonder if we do not deliberately let others think it is a fully equipped spy technological plane or drone, just to do an oops to throw them off or better tack them when they do try to copy the technology above the downed drone or plane? It’s always worth pondering:)

    • catsnjammer64: I don’t recall whether Francis Jerry Powers was a Democrat or Republican. As I recall he was just hired by the US government as a US Airforce pilot. You might be right on the other, but I don’t think the folks sent that thing off are all that clever. Gracias, Jules

  6. Looks like we may have the explanation for some of those ufo sightings which were probably from Area 51 –or 52–53–etc. huh

  7. I love your style, lol. Great Post and a good bit of humor to end a long weekend. Thanks for that!


  8. Maybe one of them is what I saw in the west in the early morning of Oct 28, while observing Jupiter. The strange, slow-mo fireworks-like sight I saw technically qualified as a “UFO,” since I didn’t know what it was, but I suspect that the explanation had more to do with one of the AFBs to my west in the Dakotas, rather than ETs. Liked the little “Dr. STrangelove” excerpt, too. Oh, and you sound like my late great Dad. The first comment he had after watching “The Empire Strikes Back” was, “I’d like to drive one of those iron turkeys.”

    • Michael: Maybe. But staring at Jupiter too long might just eventually lead you to discover Jupiter’s staring back, which could result in you seeing almost anything. Gracias, Jules

  9. Now that drones are in the news again, I thought I’d get some perspective. It looks like you might not have too much longer to wait.

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