Scouting the Escape Route

Even though Gale’s change in plans for last week postponed the schedule for The New Truck Resurrection the new year seemed a good place to start examining the next steps for exploiting the possible.  I didn’t have a clear enough idea about the options and my thinking was bouncing around inside a range from becoming Joe Palooka’s pal, Humphrey Pennyworth:

to building a house on a trailer, to finding some trashed bumper-pull trailer and fixing it to live in RAZ Auction and an Aborted Escape Route.  I needed to narrow things down.  So I finally did the obvious and visited Craigslist to see what’s out there within the price-range of what I might be able to manage.  The results were surprising, welcome and uplifting.

I received this travel trailer in a trade. It has been sitting for a while. We are in the process of cleaning it. {lots of dust} The trailer is in overall good condition. Would make a great hunting trailer. The outside looks dirty because it has been sitting onder a oak tree. I tried the A/C and it will have to have the dirt dauber nests removed, the fan makes noise. The water pump runs but I am not going to put water in the tank until the weather warms up. Not sure about the ref. but one the same size at Home Depot or Sams are about $100.00. I am selling the trailer as is where is for $1500.00. It has the propane tank with the small fitting. New tanks are about $20.00 each. The trailer looks great inside, it has not been abused.

And inside:

Or if the New Truck doesn’t turn out to be dependable after a Real Mechanic gets it going:

1983 Toyota RV – $1500

One Owner
Runs and Drives Good
53k on 4 cylinder
5 speed manual trans.
Missing door on camper…
Needs TLC..$1500 obo..


What I found is that within a 200 mile radius of here there are a number of already livable dwellings on wheels available for $1000 to $1500.  Livable, or capable of beng made so without a lot of expense or labor.

It took me a year to set aside a thousand bucks to be sure I could pay a mechanic to get the New Truck licensed, mechanic-worked, and inspection-stickered, or the Toyota fixed.  But the work mightn’t require all of it.  In any case, putting together whatever remains between what’s left and buying something will require some squeezing of turnip-blood.

But I need something I can pull out here and move the cats and me into so I can begin putting the cabin into the shape it was in when I moved here.  And start pulling down the chicken house and pens, garden fence, and the upside-down hot tub project so’s nobody’s left with a mess I made of the place.

I think I managed, at least, to define the critical paths and some potential realities as a means of finding my way out of a situation I’d come to think of as too nigh-onto-hopeless to contemplate in any meaningful way.

All in one day, January 1, 2012.

I feel 30 years younger than I was December 31, 2011.

Old Jules


13 responses to “Scouting the Escape Route

  1. Looks like you have lots of options – go for it!

  2. Nice looking trailer! Nothing wrong with that, much nicer than the one I lived in for 6 months. (And traded on Craig”s list for) gotta love Craig”s List!

    Good luck!

    • ladywithatruck: Yeah, Craig’s list is good. I’m going to keep an eye open as the time advances to when I can take advantage of one of the opportunities. Might find something better, cheaper, more suited. Gracias, Jules

  3. Hey Jules,
    Man; I’ve got to tell you; I’m impressed. It gives me a bit of hope for my own future.
    If my Soc. Sec. Disability comes through (i have a hearing in Feb.) I will be looking for an escape. My wife; Joyce and myself really want to get out of this Cancerous Lesion they call a town. We are right next to the Aberdeen Proving Ground whose reputation is ; shall we say; less than environmentally friendly.
    Anyway; we originally talked about a house boat; bought or built.
    After some research I’m not sure bought is still an option but we will see.
    So, are you planning on continuous movement; movement until you find a new spot; or more a local with the ability to fly if he wants?
    Or, “Shut the heck up and stop being so dang nosey”
    I do hope you will continue to blog about your experiences; wherever you are. I have enjoyed your writing and outlook and I appreciate your views so well expressed on our country also. I had hoped to continue to share with you…………….I mean…………it’s hard to find someone older than me out there. Who am I supposed to call “The Old Man” if you give up the blog?
    Seriously though; I do hope we will hear from you and if we ever get out and about; maybe we’ll run into each other somewhere. Talk at you soon Jules. Peace,

    • angrymanspeaks: I’ll be online a while yet. As for what you have in mind for yourself, maybe I’ll do a blog entry sometime on some of the things I’ve learned over the past decade about how to keep the door from closing behind you and ending up on the street. Gotta keep a bank account open, even if only a minimum of $, or you mightn’t be able to get one anywhere from the position of not having one already. Gotta always have a local physical address [even if it’s a storage locker unit] or you can’t get a Post Office box, license tag or driving license. Gotta keep at least a minimum of liability insurance on the vehicle, even if it’s not running. Otherwise, if you go to apply for a policy the insurance company mightn’t even be willing to insure you, or will place you into a high-risk slot so’s you pay a rate that has nothing to do with your clean driving record. Or you’ll have to go to a high-risk-insurer company to get any coverage at all.

      Life’s become a computerized data-sharing wing-walking act. You gotta have a foot firmly implanted on the next wing before you lift your foot off this one.

      If you don’t go the boat-route you might look into Property Caretaker jobs because the demand seems to be on the rise, and it might land you in a place with free utilities, or even a rent-free cabin, house, etc.

      Good luck. Jules

  4. Possibilities lighten the mental load. In case your computer isn’t traveling with you- most libraries and hotels have computers that you can blog from. I’m not alone in wanting to read more of your observations.

    Not all who wander are lost. JRR Tolkien

    • elroyjones: Yeah, possibilities are uplifting critters. I’m thinking I’ll have the comp with me, but I’ll keep in mind what you’ve said. Gracias, Jules

  5. I’m just looking forward to the next installment of this story.

  6. reminds me o my younger days when I set off to live in the mountains of california with my 68 chevy truck and a camper shell.. did good for about 3 months till the snows set in and I froze and came back to the flat land and got a job busting tires for a real meal. Now, I am older and wiser and could relish living in a camper but my wife would probably have a mental break down trying to live in small spaces (grin) out in the wild where there are BUGS.

    your man after my own heart (~_~)

    • Hi zendictive: Solitude’s not a blessing a person’s likely to be able to share with a modern person of the opposite gender. Nor any other gender, for that matter. I reckons a person just does what he/she must or wants badly enough to call it a ‘must’. Gracias, Jules

  7. New Year. New Projects. New Horizons. Lots of luck.

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