The Challenge of 2012: Not Knowing Who Wants to be King

One of my personal goals during the past several decades has been to live through an entire presidential term without knowing which politician occupies the White House.  A second goal is to not know which segment the single party occupying the Congressional seats disguised as two parties pretends to  be the one in power.

I almost made it through a presidential term without knowing who was up there once, but I fell off the wagon inadvertently because of 9/11.  I don’t recall who the guy was who was president then, but I do remember having to know who he was then for a while.

This time around I hornswoggled myself into knowing.  Him being a black guy, I was curious to see whether he’d be any different than the string of white ones preceding him.  But now I’ve satisfied myself he isn’t and my curiosity’s receded sufficiently to allow me to pound it down into the seldom-referred-to compartment of my brain where I try to keep things that are none of my affair. 

Old Sol and I have that in common, not wanting to know who is president of the US.  He doesn’t want to know, either.  Notice how he’s got his face squinched up in preparation for what he knows is coming.

But the challenge doesn’t begin with a new president.  It begins early during each election year as a Chinese fire drill of power-hungry liars telling the truth about one-another, but lies about themselves.  Along with the attitudinal lackeys of each among the citizenry saying things back and forth, repeating the lies in favor of their own preference and in opposition to those they vilify for one reason or another.

I’m going to be modifying the reading material online and offline I expose myself to so’s to help me in my goal of not knowing the names of all those lowlifes and read whatever lies they’re telling about others, and what truths are being told about them by their enemies.

From my point of view the greatest presidents of the US are those nobody ever heard of.  They did their jobs so well they barely get honorable mention in history because nothing noteworthy happened while they were president.  Which ought to be the goal of every president.

Here are some presidents I consider the great ones:

Martin Van Buren

Millard Fillmore


Franklin Pierce

Rutherford B Hayes

James Garfield

Chester A Arthur

Warren G. Harding

I’m including Jefferson Davis because nobody even acknowledges he was once president of half the country:


Here are two candidates for future greatness:

Gerald Ford


Jimmy Carter

Once the willow switch and razor strop went out of style as a method for dealing with loud, greedy, demanding children, the only methods left were ‘reasoning’ with them, which didn’t work, then ignoring them.

I’m going to skip the reasoning and just ignore them.

Old Jules


19 responses to “The Challenge of 2012: Not Knowing Who Wants to be King

  1. I kind of sympathise with your view of politicians. I only differ in thinking that it’s better to keep an eye on them because they behave even worse when they think no one’s paying attention.
    Having said that, I don’t think the current crop we’ve got over here are very much inhibited by my attention.
    Maybe I should try ignoring them. It won’t make them behave themselves, but it might help reduce my blood pressure a little.

  2. Hey There Old Jules, Good Morning~Good Gracious~Good Company~
    We may be 25 years apart, but if I didn’t know better I’d say we were separated at birth. We a terrific discovery I have made So Far From Heaven.

    • Honie Briggs: Thanks for the visit. Life’s just a series of growth experiences, I reckons. Even though I started mine earlier than you, evidently you ran faster along the course. Glad to have you here. Gracias, Jules

  3. Very amusing. One thing about Jimmy Carter. His actions during the possible nuclear meltdown on Three Mile Island saved millions of lives. I would be one of them.

  4. I have found it nearly impossible to isolate and ignore the events that keep TV busy but I’m working on it. It takes effort where no effort should be necessary.
    I no longer live in the illusion that I am free. I’m working on that too.

    • Hi Oldfool: Thanks for coming by. I don’t have a TV, so I’m spared that extra intrusion by modern life. But from what I see on your blog you do alright, despite whatever you have to contend with. Jules

  5. My boyfriend has the same goal. I didn’t understand it at first, but I do now. Way to go!

  6. One of the reasons our current black president is so much like our white presidents is because he’s not black. He only had one black parent. We used to call those half-breeds, which wasn’t politically correct, but it did keep people from being convenient about their heritage.

    • Jane: Maybe. But a bigger reason might be that he wanted to be king, same as the white guys. Wanting to be king has a way of neutralizing skin-pigment and fading ethnicity in favor of what they all have in common. As for half-breeds, quarter-breeds, there aren’t many purebreds of any race left on this continent. But if there were, and they wanted to be king, they’d be the same color as the others. Including this one. Thanks for the visit. Jules

  7. I loved the line “telling the truth about one-another, but lies about themselves”.

    • LCTC!: Some ironies tend to roll around inside so many other ironies it’s not easy to tell whether they’re put together like a pomgranite, or an onion. Thanks for coming by. Gracias, Jules

  8. I’m leery of anyone who actually wants to be president. Take someone like John Tyler or William Howard Taft or even Jefferson Davis – I don’t think any of them wanted to be president for the sake of being president. They saw it as an obligation thrust upon them, either through fate (Tyler), their party (Taft) or their country (Davis). Their results may have been mixed, but I wouldn’t say any of them were guilty of the hubris we see today.

    • Hi Kevin. I’m glad you came by. Yeah, it might all work out better if the only politicians allowed had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the jobs, then horsewhipped regularly to keep them there. Gracias, Jules

  9. Heck of a way to run a nation huh?
    I get very frustrated just talking about it.
    i hope my writing does some little thing to bring the people who can do something to the fore but I can see a time when I may have to let my part go and take off. I love America but I’m not sure that I can spend the few years I have left engaged in a battle like this. Especially when it seems so few hear.
    The young people are the ones who have the energy to force the needed changes and I hope they do. I’m not done yet. I had hoped to encourage and motivate the young but i don’t know if my words will reach far enough or speak eloquently enough to have much effect.
    I guess i’ll know when I’m finished. I hope so.

    I hope it isn’t at the same time America is.

    talk at you soon

  10. @angryman……you may only reach one person, but what if that one person you reach is the one who can change it all? Don’t give up making noise. If you do, your only guarantee will be that no one will hear and nothing will change….maybe a butterfly flapping it’s wings in South Africa can cause a hurricane that goes across the ocean full of impact….

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