Reincarnation – Life after the evidence locker

dodge powerwagonWhen I came across this picture on the web a while back I was fairly certain I recognized it.  I believed and still believe it’s the truck belonging to the man and wife wood cutter couple murdered in Catron County, New Mexico while I was working Fox Mountain.  An incident I described in loving detail in the Adams Diggings book.  They were found several months later, a bear having dug them up where they were folded yinyang style into a 4’x4’x4′ grave in an ancient ruin site.

Damn I love that truck.  Nothing sissie at all there.  A guy could drive that thing around just about anywhere he might wish to go.  It’s been pre-disastered so the odds of anything bad happening in it would be nil.

10 responses to “Reincarnation – Life after the evidence locker

  1. Cool truck! I think you NEED it.

    • Anonymous: The world needs a lot of things it manages to live without. My personal needs tend to be measured in cat food and keeping the rain off my head.

  2. Every guy would just love to have that truck!!

  3. It is a very good looking truck, indeed. And only you (and a bear) could’ve uncovered that grizzly yin yang story. Nice going.

    • Wesley: Not knowing the story would have been more difficult than knowing it given my proximity to all that at the time. Weird thing to find myself so near.
      Unsolved Slayings Have Small N.M. Town Living in FearCrime: With seven people killed since 1996, residents are openly packing heat. Authorities see no connections among the deaths.
      November 20, 1999|PAUL DUGGAN | THE WASHINGTON POST

      • It is, indeed. If I were do dig in for the gory details, I’d wonder whether the positioning of their bodies was intentional or merely a matter of chance by an uncaring killer. In any case, to believe that ‘packing heat’ would give anyone a sense of security against a psychopath is also kinda silly. A good one would convince even the most skilled shooter to hand his gun to him (or her?), and that’d be their last act on this planet. Best

        • Colltales. You’re definitely right on at least part of the ‘packing heat’. Mr Clark in the story answered the door, always answered his door with his pistol in his hand. He evidently invited the killer inside and offered him a cup of coffee, put his pistol down where the killer[s] picked it up and shot him with it, went back through the hall where the wheelchair bound wife was talking to the daughter on the phone and shot her through the telephone receiver. The daughter lived a couple of miles away, hopped in her car and drove there where she met the killer coming out of the drive, drove past hurrying to the house, and the killer whipped a U turn [marks in the drive way] chased her back and killed her.

          The son was selling something of theirs at a flea market in Socorro and I stopped to talk with him. He gave me all the gory details.

        • Colltales… forgot to address your first question. A state cop I talked to about the Gary and Judy Wilson homicide told me the University of New Mexico forensic pathology classes revisited that grave site every semester. Absolutely unique. The killer[s] dug the holes and saved the material on a tarp evidently. Folded those two people up breaking their legs to make them fit, placed them in the hole and carefully backfilled it so the soil layers matched the original layers. When the bear dug them up he did violence to the odds of them ever being found something terrible.

          The state cop who was telling me about it said it was plain the person who buried those people knew as much about homicide investigations as a homicide investigator.

          Sheriff at the time, who refused to treat the Wilsons as a homicide when they turned up missing, refused to investigate at all until their bodies were found, then refused to allow the State Police to help with the investigating, was a retired state cop, incidently. The truck in the picture didn’t show up on the search photos, so the State Police were going to elbow their way in because the truck might be in another county or in Arizona. Suddenly the truck showed up in an arroyo a mile from where the bodies were found.

          • Goodness, what a story. Right out of a killers’ treatise. I guess motivation is besides the point, all these years later, but the fact that he U-turned and went back to the daughter is bone chilling. But hey, what do we know? What’s often overlooked about it is what’s left, after all is said and done. One of the descendants of Charles Starkweather’s victims, whose killing spree inspired Malick’s great movie Badlands, wrote a book once. She tells how dozens of descendants offed themselves through the years; the trauma lasted for generations. No glamour about it. And yet, we all may have a bit of the monster in us. Such chilling thought kicks me out of bed sometimes. Best

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