Thinking positive about bologna – The new paradigm

If you think you’ve reached the point where you just can’t look a bologna sandwich in the eye one more time, maybe it’s time to begin using your noggin.  Even if all you’ve got is a frying pan and a Coleman camp stove you can make a concoction you’ll savor.

Chop up that bologna into bits the size of dill pickle slices and throw it in the pan with chopped onion, minced garlic, and a teaspoon of grapeseed oil.  Turn it and stir it until the bologna browns and curls up on the sides.

Once it’s done, throw on a teaspoon of chopped dill pickles, and smear it all between those two slices of bread.  Curry, ginger, ancho, jalapeno, green pepper, all of them will add some variety to carry you through until payday.

The old ‘pound of red and a loaf of bread’ method of squeezing through hard times was never good past the second day.  Torturing yourself to death after the third was just a method of robbing life of potential joy.

This ain’t the 20th Century anymore.

8 responses to “Thinking positive about bologna – The new paradigm

  1. Love my baloney fried till black with caramelized onions for the first day… recon I am not sure what it needs to excite my taste buds on the second day. But spam can be et raw on the first day…then fried the second and can be adapted for many meals using potatoes 3rd day then anchovies, green peas, squash, ad nauseus until the spam is et up.

  2. Works good as long as I get my monthly pittance….. sometimes later in the month… I can not buy the bologna, spam or any of the additions to make it more or less edible. I guess the 20th century fat cats, in control of the big fat guvment have never lived in reality?

  3. In the 70s, when I was a kid, there was a program where USDA surplus food was given out. I liked the cheese, peanut butter and apple juice the best but there was a lot of good food. In the town where I lived, it was distributed from a dance hall on Wednesday afternoons. The cans had white or yellow labels with plain black lettering. There was canned pork and lima beans too. We added some relish to the pork and sometimes to the lima beans, which gave it a better flavor.
    I’m trying to find out what happened to that program and where the food is going. It really frosts me to live in a place where filthy rich people land their private jets at the local airport and buy up all the coastline, driving taxes sky high, while people who’ve worked all their lives don’t have enough to eat. Don’t mind me, I go through this every summer. I don’t want what they have but I’d like to know I’ll always be able to afford to eat.

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