Tough year here for cats


Something snagged the Invadercat here a while back, tore him up badly and took out one eye.  He hung around here a week-or-so for food, didn’t appear to be getting worse.  But then he vanished, as he’s always been prone to do.  I know he was getting food at one of the ranches around here, probably several.

But once he left he hasn’t been back.  Might be one of the other folks who’ve been feeding him took him to a vet and had him doctored, or maybe something got him in the woods.  Life’s dangerous enough in the real world for a cat with two good eyes and no serious injuries.

Meanwhile, Ms Tabby’s having worse than her usual battle with spring and summer leg and skin troubles.  Getting welts from either cactus, or fire ants on her legs, belly and tail.  I see her crouched in the meadow stalking things in places where I know there are fire ant beds, so that might be the problem.  But she’s looking worse now than anytime since she’s been with me.

Ms Niaid and Mr Hydrox are doing generally okay, though Niaid’s looking skinnier than I’d like.  She’s bringing in several mice per day to show off before she eats them, but still wants the catfood and is the eagerest eater of them all.  After I used the sheep shears on her she hasn’t picked up burrs and gotten matted hair so badly, seems a lot more pleased with herself.  Gets around well for a senior citizen.

Mr Hydrox only has half of himself sheep sheared, avoided being caught to have it finished after we had a difference of opinion during the operation regarding how much more to take off.  But last night he wanted to sleep with me, so I’m thinking he’s going to have less hair soon.

All in all central Texas probably just ain’t the exact right place for these felines and this 70 year old man and the Coincidence Coordinators are raising the ante for staying any longer than I have to.

12 responses to “Tough year here for cats

  1. I used to have a shorthaired cat with a black spotted white coat named “Felix”. I love conventional names. Felix was a jumper. I’d hold out a hand at the height of my head and he’d jump up to bump his ears on my fingertips. He was sure a lot of fun. 🙂

    • They do grow on a person, swabby. These two longhairs are 1997-1998 vintage, getting a bit long in the tooth. But they keep the pressure on me to stay alive until they finish out their term in office. J

  2. Anonymous: Thanks for all the opinions about how my cats and I ought to live and explaining my responsibilities to them and the Invadercat. I’d suggest if that’s how you think things should be done that you do them that way. I’ve already thought through how I think things should be done, but I applaud you for knowing how I should better than I know how I should. When I was the age you most likely are I might have agreed with you.

  3. Aww bless them! I have three, which I adore…

  4. Cats. Aren’t they the most precious and interesting treasures on four legs.
    I know someone who used to shear her cats because their fur always matted.

  5. sorry to hear that, Jules.

    • ShimonZ: It’s time I got them into different geography, nature’s way of telling me, thinks I. As for the Invader cat, everthing predatory and wild out there is bigger than him. He picked the life he wanted to live. Tough gig. Thanks, J

  6. I choose to believe that the Invader cat is at one of the other households he frequents, probably holed up with a nice house kitty whose heart he’ll break once he gets to feeling more like himself and takes off.

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