Escape Route Version 2.5

Ford RV

1970s Ford

If the guy isn’t disinformationing me about the shape it’s in, this might be the next step in the long road home.  He says it’s got all new tires, spent the last 20 years under a carport, says everything works and is willing to provide the means for me to test everything before we finalize a deal.

Says it’s never had any leaks of any kind, roof, plumbing, and the structure, panelling of the coach is solid.  Says it has 60,000 actual miles on the gasoline engine.

If he hasn’t sold it by the time I can get to see it I’ll have a careful look at it first chance I can manage.

8 responses to “Escape Route Version 2.5

  1. We are in NE New Mexico, guess its your range. Got here with a broke down class c, and managed to upgrade…any rig to escape TX.

    • LCTC!: My guess is Lady Luck will rear her head somewhere ambiguous as it pertains to the matter. Luck’s no fun unless it’s a surprise. gracias, J

  2. Looks like a dream to me. Wish you luck. You have to do some serious testing though.

  3. It looks good. Maybe the deal will prove to be authentic.

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