I might be forced to find me a woman

Don Giovanni

At least for a while.  I’ve been kicking it around in my head a lot lately.  If I’m going to do any serious trekking into the high mountains for more than a few days I’m going to have to have someone looking after the felines.  And if I want to spend a season work camping somewhere they almost always require couples, as opposed to singles.

Fact is, I run across a lot of men who might be a lot easier to get along with than a woman, but most of them have their own ideas about what they’d prefer to do with themselves as opposed to doing what I might wish them to do.  And women tend to be a lot easier to come by in my experience.  The problem is keeping things clean and well lighted, the parties of the first and second parts each knowing where the other’s coming from, and where they’re going.

That can get complicated.  Mainly because one of the two parties is working on more than one agenda without coming out and saying so, figuring the agenda of the other can be modified after the hook is set better.

But a lot of the things I want to do before I die are going to require someone to lift the other end of something.  Finding someone willing to lift the other end and take joy in doing it is no easy matter.  Whatever the object needs lifting, whatever the agenda.

Afterthought:  A woman who owns a couple of mules or a string of pack goats and a few acres of land up near the continental divide might work out well.  Also a stock trailer and something to pull it.  Probably can find something on Craigslist.

Afterthought #2:  I can’t, in good conscience, recommend me to any woman.  In fact, I’d counsel strongly against me as a consideration.  Fact is, I’m a nice guy.  Got an honest streak in me and enough of a century behind to know this whole thing was a lousy idea.  Though fun, in an oblique sort of way.

22 responses to “I might be forced to find me a woman

  1. Sometimes it’s easier to let the woman find you than vice-versa. 🙂

  2. Seems like there is a plan.

  3. I will let you know when I’m ready to find me a man….doin just fine so far!

    • Hi Jane. I’m glad for you. If it changes don’t rush out and invest in some land and buy goats or mules without contacting me first. I might be dead already by then. Thanks for coming by for a read and letting me know I can check you off the list of potentials. J

  4. Old Jules, you are a jewel. A woman should be pleased to keep company with you. You are self-sufficient, intelligent and witty. What more could anyone want? And, a ready-made family of cats….now that sounds attractive, unless an applicant had a family of dogs.

    God bless you, I am so glad you are back to blogging. I missed your daily musings. Stay safe.

    • Ray’s Mom: A woman could and most I’ve had in my life usually have wanted some things I’m not. I don’t blame them for it. In their shoes, I might also. But a woman who loved doberman pincers and I probably would be doomed to failure before we ever met. I appreciate your kind words. J

  5. There are all kinds of men and women in this world, and usually, women have more to offer in the way of a partnership with a man. But you have to really consider what you’re looking for. Sometimes we want one thing and gloss over other characteristics. Finding a human being to live with is a lot harder than finding a pickup or a camper… and usually a lot harder to leave behind. I’ve found though, that people who’ve learned to live with cats are better able to build a partnership with humans. At least, if they managed to understand their cats.

    • ShimonZ: Too big a bite for me to figure on chewing up enough to swallow at this point in my life, I fear. A passing moment of insanity is the only reason I considered it at all. Gracias, J

  6. If I could find a worthy candidate I’d have you paired up in no time at all. I’m a sucker for the romantic angle in almost any story. I’d like to know you were spending time with someone smart and funny, who added some comfort and softness to your adventure. Of course, that would make me feel good; it might be more trouble than it was worth to you.

  7. loneliness/need gets to ya sometimes…say what!?!

  8. Oh Jules, you made me chuckle! Glad you are posting again. I was very worried about you after you quit blogging.

    You say you live in the middle of nowhere…have you tried going to places where you could actually meet women? I know you say you are no longer looking for one but it couldn’t hurt to find one maybe as a friend at first?

    There are church single groups, senior centers, community events…

    • Hi Belinda. For the sake of the female gender I’ll force myself to resist efforts of that sort. Women are generally doing fine without me and I’m not one to rock the boat. Thanks for the suggestions, though. I’m obliged. Gracias, J

  9. Are you really sure you need a woman in your life? Anyone who has lived by themselves for a while, like me, would find it very difficult ot have another person frequently around especially one who needs assistance with his projects! Might be easier to get hired help!

  10. Haha I needed that! I have been off the grid myself a while, its nice to be back! Good to hear things are well!

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