Boundary issues

I stepped out of the RV to pee around 4:00 am and since it was too dark to read while I stood there pondering life to pass the time.  Tried to anticipate whether, late as it was, I’d be able to get back to sleep, or should I come indoors and do some work on the computer I’d been putting off doing.

So when I finished I’d decided to go up to the cabin and get some coffee, maybe do the comp thing.  But I noticed the wind had blown over a chair where I’d left a pinch bar and it was on the ground.  Picked it up and headed for the cabin porch.

Suddenly I was proud to have the pinchbar because one of the bigger coons I’ve ever encountered met me at the head of the steps, teeth bared.  I leaned backward to begin a step and the coon leaned forward suggesting he/she’d be following while I reared the pinchbar back to strike if needed.

Coon came down the top step with its front legs looking me straight in the eye when I spang hit it with the pinchbar and knocked it backward onto the porch.  This was beginning to tick me off.

I came up the first step while the coon turned around to face me again baring teeth and sort of whine/growling, not much of a pause before it came fast and I whacked hell out of it again upside the head.

Stunned it enough to give me time to think a moment and decide I wasn’t crazy about how this was all going, so as the coon struggled up and turned to face me I hit it again, this time with all the force I could muster.  Took it down again, but not dead, not unconscious.

So I stepped into the cabin and dragged out a .22 pistol inside the door, turned back around just in time to have the coon turning on me again.

Lousy way to start a day.

11 responses to “Boundary issues

  1. Sounds like that was one tough ‘coon. Could have maybe broken the door down if you hadn’t had the pistol.

    • It’s out there on the porch right now Momlady. I’ll ask it whether it intended to come inside before I haul it across the meadow to leave for the buzzards.

  2. These animals are not nice and you ran across one with an attitude. Smacked him twice and he still comes at you. Some would say it didn’t need to be killed. Ya right. Good job Jules!!

    • Hi One Fly. Of all the coons I’ve encountered this is only the second to prefer dying to trying to get out of Dodge. But I examined it on the ground when I hauled it across the meadow and it’s an old bull. Trouble is, a couple of aggressive ones put the others into a framework of being untrustworthy. Coons need to stay off the porch. Thanks for the read and visit. J

  3. I don’t suppose it was foaming at the mouth, was it?

    • Hi DizzyDick. I was looking for that, but couldn’t see any signs of it. In fact nothing about it struck me as him being ill in any way. Just being his usual self got up on the wrong side of the bed, maybe. Gracias, J

  4. Another creature you don’t want to mess with is an opposum. I encountered one of them on top of my trash can a few years ago. It was certainly hostile. It did the teeth baring, hissing, and rearing up stuff. I waited another half an hour until I could safely take out my garbage.

  5. They can be nasty; we have a few here but they’ve never challenged us before. I’m inclined, like DD, to believe it was likely rabid to demonstrate such bad judgment.

  6. Start the day as king of the castle… hmmmm

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