Possible Escape Route Version 2.5

Guy with the RV sent me some more pics.

Econoline front

From the front there doesn’t appear to have ever been a collision on that side.  No pics of the other side.

Econoline odometer

Bummer that it only has 80 MPH on the speedometer.  I’d figured on coasting down mountains at 110 or better.

Econoline fridge

He says the fridge isn’t the original.  Says the closed compartment above is a freezer.

Econoline interior

Says that’s new carpet, which the cats should appreciate.  In fact, all that interior needs a few layers of cat hair before it will be able to call itself home.

10 responses to “Possible Escape Route Version 2.5

  1. NEVER coast down mountains NEVER

    • Come on now Anonymous. Think about what you’ve just said. There’s no such thing as NEVER in the human life experience. And there’s certainly no way you can anticipate every possible contingency that might cause a person to need to violate your Commandment.

      Consider, for instance, a person on a mountain with a forest fire raging behind him, headed for him. Cranks the starter and the engine won’t start. But he’s pointed downgrade. Would you suppose he’d be better off sitting there saying to himself, “No, I’m not going to coast down this mountain to get away from this fire. Won’t even consider doing it because some one Anonymous ordered me to stay here and get burned to a crisp instead.”

  2. Leaks at that over cab window you could check, make sure no rotten support wood underneath, which support the bed. Don’t ask how I know…

  3. I used to have a class-C and we enjoyed the heck out of it. It went from here to Pennsylvania and Arizona and a lot of other states many times. Ran good and pulled my Jeep Liberty. It had a Ford V-10 but the big Ford V-8 would have more torque on the low end where you need it. Looks like a decent unit. Check the internet for comparison prices. Try http://www.pplmotorhomes.com

  4. This does look like it could provide very comfortable housing. I’m hoping for you that it works as good as it looks.

    • ShimonZ: Thanks ShimonZ. I’m going to do a lot of checking before I take the plunge. My experience with trusting the word of people selling vehicles hasn’t revealed them to know the dark truths of what they were selling. Gracias, J

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