Something’s happening at Slab City

Back when I posted the thing about Slab City, CA, I eventually decided despite my curiosity about the place I just have too many things left I want to do in my life to get out there and check it out:

Slab City, California – An Impromptu Community

The place is so hot summertime only about 100 people stay there during the scorching months.  And winter months there just seemed to be too many other ways to spend the time to justify a visit out there. 

Now they’ve formed some sort of an organization willing to pay someone $400 per month to sweat through the summer months doing some sort of maintenance on Salvation Mountain.  Likely they’ll get a lot of interest in the $400 per month and the fervor among the interested will dwindle rapidly as the thermometer climbs.

But the last RV Workers on Wheels newsletter had this:

CA: Camp Host at Art Preservation Site in Slab City

by Salvation Mountain Inc. – Slab City, California, USA
(Nin-Profit Volunteer Site Manager with Site and Stipend)

Leonard Knight's Salvation Mountain

Leonard Knight’s Salvation Mountain


Salvation Mountain is an “outsider art” monument at the entrance to Slab City, created over 30 years by Leonard Knight. Leonard’s unique and enduring vision is one of universal love.

Leonard painted his vision on the cliffs at Slab City over a period of 30 years. He can no longer maintain his monument, due to declining health, so a charitable corporation was formed. The Salvation Mountain Inc. Board of Directors has the responsibility of continuing to preserve Leonard’s dream.

We are looking for a camp host and site manager to work with our board of directors at this monument in the desert. This is a volunteer contract position, where we provide a living space for an RV, a small stipend of $400 per month, plus solar electricity, water, trash removal, and internet access. We also have a park model trailer on the site.

You can learn more about Salvation Mountain at

Slab City is a boondocking “off the grid” community in the desert in Southeast California, just east of the Salton Sea. For information about Slab City, go to this website:

Salvation Mountain Inc. is a registered charitable non-profit company charged with preservation of Leonard Knight’s art site called Salvation Mountain. Leonard Knight starting building Salvation Mountain almost 30 years ago. While I, a board member, am not a particularly religious person, I do appreciate Leonard’s dedication and vision, especially his message of universal love. This is not a religious charity, it is an art preservation charity.

We are trying to find a site manger (aka a camp host) to live at the Salvation Mountain site 24/7. It’s a contract position, and there is a stipend of $400 per month to help with expenses. We provide water, solar power, internet and trash removal. We are asking for a one year commitment (with a 90 day probation period to see if the fit is good with our Board of Directors).

We welcome your application and inquiries for this position. We will do a background check (criminal and credit), as this is a position of responsibility.

You can request an application at Be sure to let us know that you saw our Help Wanted ad on Coleen’s Workers On Wheels website when you contact us about this site manager job. Salvation Mountain Inc. – Slab City, California. Posted June 2013.

I’m mulling it over.  Given my current situation and the violence $400 a month would do to my series of debt responsibilities it might be I could stand the heat.  Going to have a long prayer meeting with the cats to find out whether they’re willing to allow having a look.

13 responses to “Something’s happening at Slab City

  1. The cats would be mighty hot. They could get more of a shearing but then they might get a sunburn.

  2. Nice that your cats can pray. My dog seems oblivious to the work of the holy spirit unless it comes wrapped in a dog bone.

    • They’ve got a lot of years helping me pray Old Sol up in the morning and down at night so’s the rest of you people can reap the benefits of day and night. Comes easy for them because I started them early. J

  3. That could be just the place for you. When it gets really hot out there, people of course turn on their solar AC for as long as it will last, bring in bags of ice from town for drinking and icepacks, and if all else fails go sit in the restaurant of the nearest town and have a dish of ice cream.

  4. I feel that at our age, it’s best not to make commitments for longer than three weeks… and even then, only after getting to know the place and personnel very well. I’d go even further than prayer with my cats. I’d have a sit down discussion with them.

    • ShimonZ: I can’t disagree. Though I might decide a commitment’s necessary one way or another, somewhere-or-other. My friend Eddie pointed out to me a stint as an oilfield gate guard would pay a lot more without being any hotter than the Salton Sea, and not so much humidity. There’s an oil boom going on just north of here a hundred miles where I might get on for a while and pay off all my debts by the end of the summer. My impression is there’s a commitment of some duration, but not signed in blood. Gracias, J

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