Vultures fighting for the moral high ground

Good morning readers.  For two days now the sky and trees the other side of the meadow have been filled with Democrat buzzards and Republican vultures fighting over the carcass of Brother Coon.  

Both groups find him palatable, but each doing its own part to tear him down into fragments of truth they can convert within their buzzard realities into savory, self-serving  rhetoric.  Watching it all was fun for a while, them pushing and shoving off the tree limbs and chasing one another away on the ground when a choice morsel emerged from the pile of goo.

By now old Brother Coon’s probably been released to the public, one way or another, so hopefully the show’s over.  Not much of him left in the meadow, anyway.  Even for buzzards the shelf-life on a carcass isn’t that long in all this heat.  Whatever’s left the fireants will take care of quickly.  Might wander out there later to see if I can gather up some teeth for a necklace or a watch-fob.



6 responses to “Vultures fighting for the moral high ground

  1. I wish politicians weren’t a bunch of lying, thieving, carpetbaggers but that’s what all of them become or else they try to serve up some pablum to pacify the masses which may be even worse than lying and thieving.

    • Nature of the beast, elroyjones. I read somewhere recently the efforts to teach sign language to great apes since the 1970s gave a lot of them vocabularies large enough to allow IQ tests. The lowest a mountain gorilla ever scored was 97. Smarter than a lot of people. And I read somewhere else there’s only a 1% difference between the DNA of a chimp and that of a human being.

      All of which suggests to me there might be sub-species of human beings, not quite human but not different enough to identify as an entirely different species. Politicians, genetic engineers, Wall Street bankers, CEOs of multi-national corporations, along with Hitler, Stalin et al might finally be explained that way.

  2. hahahahahahaha! I am so glad you’re BACK!

  3. Look closely. Don’t be surprised if they (vultures) got the teeth and all remains…nature of the beast. Good to have you back. Noticed I’ve missed several days of your post as I have been striving to get a garden in as well as some berry bushes and fruit trees. Blessings.

  4. Mary: You figured it right. No teeth. Gracias, J

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