My hat’s off to Jeanne

I was talking to her on the phone last night, her feeling down and in fairly low spirits about the art she’s worked on all these years and hasn’t sold enough of to balance the cost of entries in art shows, etc.  We were discussing other strategies she might try when I suddenly heard the word, “AWESOME!”

I thought the connection and gone bad or I was hearing wrong.  Just reaching for the button to hang up when she added, “I sold one off the blog!” 

I didn’t hang up after all, though the word awesome isn’t one I usually allow to reach my ear twice in the same conversation.

Can’t tell you how glad I am for her.  I honestly couldn’t imagine a blog, no matter how much trouble a person took building it, was a place where original art could be sold.

5 responses to “My hat’s off to Jeanne

  1. Ha! And sorry for the “awesome.” That’s what you get when you work for the public all the time. I may have crossed over to the dark side. I do try to show respect for my elders by not bombarding them with modern slang, but it’s hard when things take me by surprise!

  2. It was worth it, Jeanne. I’m happy for you. J

  3. Congratulations, Jeanne

  4. Awesome and like are two overworked words.

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