Why US troops are helping suppress rebels in the Congo


President Barack Obama:  “Primitive, often non-white people have no respect for the law, private property owned by US corporations, and for the authority manifested in duly recognized goverment.  The Congo must be protected.  Residents must be allowed to enjoy freedom without interference of rebels and outside Chinese attempts to control tropical Africa for the minerals, timber and other resources located there.

The US is forced to maintain large bodies of troops in Afghanistan and an equally large mercenery force in Iraq at great expense to itself to prevent US military activities on the African continent becoming an international issue.”

2 responses to “Why US troops are helping suppress rebels in the Congo

  1. That is right. Put enough wars and conflicts on the plate and one in the Congo can go unnoticed or anywhere else that isn’t as big.

    • Mary: Those Africans are bound to belong to someone if history’s any indication. Individually, collectively and geographically. If they’d quit fighting among themselves maybe they could present a unified front to stop it, but otherwise, the US or the Chinese will probably own them next. Gracias, J

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