Escape Route V 2.5 – Done deal

Went out to look it over with Gale.  Nosing around inside I saw a strange looking  monitor on a swing-arm.  No computer I could see anywhere.  Turned to the guy selling it:
What’s that thing”
“A television and DVD player.”  He pushed a button and the screen lit up, another button and a DVD popped out.  “It works.”
“THAT’S a television?”
 The guy looks at me like I’m crazy.  Gale intervenes.
“Televisions have changed a lot since you saw one, Jack.”
Spang Rip Van Winkled again.
Paid an RV repair sales place to go over it with a fine toothed comb.  Everything wrong with it at least I know.  Looks better than I’d dared hope.  The RV guy who checked it also thought it was impressive. 
Fridge, heater, shower, sinks, water heater, generator, AC all work.  Roof is steel, more akin to a school bus than an RV, coach structure is aluminum, not wood.
Got transport again and ready to rock and roll.
It was last registered in Arizona, so today it’s off to get insurance on it, then get tags.  It already has a valid TX inspection sticker.
Life begins again.

31 responses to “Escape Route V 2.5 – Done deal

  1. Good luck Jules. My fridge is not working well and it’s hot. May nothing break on you for a loooong time if ever.

    • One Fly. Thanks. I hope one of these days I’ll have an opportunity to shake your hand and buy you a cup over a campfire by a stream. J

      • I look forward to that possibility as well Jules. I think the chances at this time are very high that “home” will be “out there” with plenty of home in New Mexico. $225 gets you a spot every day of the year. Best deal anywhere and NM does a top job maintaining their facilities. There are no other charges unless you want water or electric and that’s 4 smacks.

        Here in Colorado it would cost me $18 a day plus a parks pass. I have not been impressed with the two local state parks around here. If what I’ve experienced in NM have been 10’s these are 6 at best.

        I would love to have a partner to hike with and see some of the places you write of. I’m headed to NW Colorado in the next couple days where it’s intense green and lush. The high country has to be outta control with wildflowers. I didn’t see a native columbine or a fish last year. Not even just one of either. I intend to change that and do some other business in the area. been almost two years since I left. Spend some time in Montrose and check that our for several days for a possible place to settle.

        It’s so dry here! The fire (Black Forest} 70 miles north continues to burn out of control. One of the highlights of the recent trip to Silver City to check that out was the number of interesting people(campers) I met with similar views as mine. Generally do anyway but there were some that were very cool.

        Have a good one!

        • Great info, One Fly. I probably still owe the State of New Mexico $225 for something else long forgotten, anyway. Might as well clear the debt and get a free place to stay in a State Park whenever I want one as a consolation prize for paying it. I’ll look forward to doing some interesting places with you sometime. As I recall you are into ruins, and I might be able to show you some you’d find interesting.

          I’ve been having an urge tickling at me to get back up to Hovenweep and over to Mesa Verde again when I can do it, but I’ve no idea when that might come about. I mostly prefer undocumented ruins, but Hovenweep, Mesa Verde and Chaco are special to me.

          Gracias, J

          • I would meet you anytime at these places excluding Mesa Verde. Last time out in Hovenweep I came across some interesting things as well. I’m overdue to visit these places as well. The Lowery ruins and area so close to Hovenweep are pretty cool too.

          • Sounds like a plan One Fly. Gracias, J

  2. Way to go, Jack (Jules?)!

    • Hi Wanderer. Thanks. Old Jules was me during a previous lifetime. My daughter, Mari wossname wrote a book about me during the mid-1800s or so. So when I started the blog I used Old Jules, as opposed to my most-of-my-tjos-life nickname, Jack, for the blog ID. Gracias, J

  3. Glad to hear you’re back in the saddle again. Happy trails to you. Congrats on your new wheels!

  4. Cool.
    Now you can road trip it to Iowa. I know a beach not ten yards from a stripper bar you might be able to camp on!

    • Hi Russ. Last time I recall staying the night in Iowa was Nine Eagles State Part, probably 1974. If I get up that way again I’ll check out the stripper bar. Gracias, J

  5. Welcome to the world at 8 miles a gallon. The good news is you can get by on a gallon a week and still see most of it, eventually. Good luck with the cats. They have a tendency to wander off and party hard with the coyotes.

  6. Exciting news!

  7. I always say ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,’ but I’ve been proved wrong. Congratulations.

    • Life demands of us that we allow ourselves to make mistakes and forgive ourselves for making them when we discover we have. I haven’t discovered it about this one yet. Gracias, J

  8. Great purchase!! Now, hit the road and enjoy it.

  9. Congratulation on getting a good replacement rig. If you ever get up 4 corners way and want to see some ruins that are not on the heavy traveled tourist route let me know. I still have the topographical maps and we could have some good times running oil field roads to get to them. A couple are known as “the stockade,” and “three corn ruins.” I know of a lot of look outs on top of big rocks from the reconquest period, too. Happy Father’s day. Blessings.

  10. Good luck and happy trails to you and your feline companions

  11. On the Road Again! That’s my favorite song. Next you will have to get caught up on new technology during that Rip Van Winkle nap.

    • Hi Gypsy Bev: Yep, and fight off any urges to become un-ripbanwinkled too quickly. No point catching up on things and then falling behind again because of another nap-time. Gracias, J

  12. I think it would be fund to see. It is interesting. I knew the couple who excavated it. I remember some of the things they learned from the work they did. Two of us searching found the two springs the residents used which the archeologist didn’t find. The close one was the hardest to find because nature had hidden it. Blessings.

  13. The sixth word was supposed to be FUN. Sorry about the goof.

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