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Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

Jeanne called yesterday and said she’d fallen and broken her arm in a parking lot.  Drove to a clinic somewhere and got a temporary cast put on.  Afterward she  said she’s having to type with one hand, so she mightn’t be doing much online work for a while.

I’m fairly concerned about this cat, Tabby.  She’s 10-11 years old ….. seems to have a propensity for skin conditions summers, doesn’t get along well with the two long hairs, goes through phases of beating up Niaid, or being so stand offish the older cats gang up on her and drive her away from the food.  All of them have too many scratches on their faces for my tastes.

Sometimes I’ll go a couple of days without seeing her, and when I do, about half the time she pretends I might hit her, cringes away.  I’m keeping as close an eye on her as I’m able until two weeks passes since the agressive coon incident, because I have the impression she ain’t feeling well at all.

One of the possible jobs I’m looking at is in Arizona, a couple has a self-styled animal rescue setup, would like someone to help out feeding and taking care of the animalcules on their four-acres of land.  In exchange for a site with utilities.  Might be fun to do for a while, and if Tabby did well there I think I might persuade myself she’d be happier there permanently than voyaging around with the two older cats and me.

Spent all day in town Friday trying to get everything done transferring title, insurance etc on the new RV, but the day wasn’t long enough.  Complications with undotted Tees and uncrossed eyes had me scurrying around back and forth up and down a lot of the day.

Back tomorrow to hopefully get it all finalized.

19 responses to “Various stuff

  1. Good luck with the eyes and tees. Hope you can get underway soon.

  2. Lots of work, but worth it if the end result is good.

  3. Sounds good. Very good. Time will tell, eh? No doubt the CC’s are paying attention…

  4. Good luck with the RV and the (possible) job.
    Have a great Sunday,

  5. P.S.: And a speedy recovery for Jeanne.

  6. Hope Jeannne heals up soon and I hope your cat didn’t catch rabies.

    • Hi DizzyDick: Yep, they’ve reached Kerrville and slightly east now. Won’t be long before someone somewhere will be able to fire up the AC and hair dryer and get the power to run them from windmills in West Texas. Lawdylawdylawdy.

  7. good luck on your new adventure!

  8. Best wishes to Jeanne. And you’re right to worry about the Tabby. Sounds like she’s been traumatized. All the rest sounds like things are progressing well. It could be a lot worse after buying a new old RV. Wishing you good fortune.

    • Hi ShimonZ: Tabby ran across the meadow coming to the porch a little while ago, seemed to be moving better, maybe feeling better. Stopped about 20 feet from me and we meowed at one another back and forth some while. I think she’s going to be okay. Gracias, J

  9. Sure sorry Jeannie got injured. Hope she has a speedy recovery. Glad Tabby seams to be feeling better.
    Meant to tell you a few posts back that the graduating class of 1963 is having their reunion July 19th & 20th. I bet one person could be added if attending is something you would cotton to. If you are interested I can get you the name of the registration contact.
    Didn’t know you liked non feline and non chicken animals enough to risk working with them. If it happens I hope you really enjoy it. Blessings, M.

    • Hi Mary. Thanks for the offer on the 1963 reunion. To be honest I never knew many kids younger than me, though I’m not sure why. Maybe I was an age snob. As for dogs, I’ve shared pieces of my life with a good many. I’m just not wired to harmonize with them the way I do with cats. Gracias, J

  10. Hope Jeannie heals quickly. Good luck as you venture out again. Would tell you to “break a leg” but that seems a little chancy after Jeannie’s recent accident. Think you could probably handle any job along the way for a little while at least. Would give you a chance to get organized and ready to keep on rolling. Enjoy whatever you get into!

  11. Don’t know what it is about cats….They love me. They are my second love with birds of all kinds that I can interact with being my first love. Dogs and I get along. I’ve only had one that was really my dog. The little pound girl I have now. My late husband had a giant schnauzer that would have laid his life down for me. He came close once when I was attacked by a chow. Maybe you just won’t a people kind of guy growing up. Until Sr. Hi. I wasn’t much into knowing who outside of my circle was there or interacting with them. So it makes sense that you didn’t know many younger kids. Blessings, M.

  12. Hoping for a quick mend for Jeanne and a personality conflict between Tabby and the older cats.

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