powerline helper

I’d have gotten more done Friday if I hadn’t come across this on the way into town.  I’d seen them doing the same thing the previous day, but didn’t have the camera.

powerline helper3

Can’t help wondering what the dingle dangler and helicopter pilot do for excitement on their days off.

powerline helper4

“So, how was your day, honey?”

“Same old same old.  Boss looking over my shoulder all the time.”

11 responses to “Distractions

  1. LOL… dingle dangler, indeed.

    • Hi Teresa Evangeline. After I saw the thing I was talking to the lady at the insurance company about it. She said she’d love to carry the policies for the helicopter driver or the dingledangler, either or both. Retire on the proceeds. Gracias, J

  2. Earlier this year when we were on our way to the Davis mountains, we stopped the first night at Junction, TX and we watched them working on those towers hanging from helicopters.

  3. No matter how he might behave elsewhere in his life the guy on the rope is always civil to helicopter pilots. Never offends any of them. Maybe addresses them as ‘Sir’.

  4. You got that right Jules!!

  5. Wow! Now that would be tripping to hang up there with all that steal to hit if the wind blew. I’d say he watches westerns for excitement on his day off. Blessings. M.

  6. That is kind of creepy. I swear to you, not one week ago, while we were in New Zealand, we saw the same thing. (How to you upload photos in a comment…)

    • TMSO: New Zealanders probably are where the guy learned to do it. I don’t know how to load pics on comments. I do see people load links, occasionally.

  7. Whew! Certainly would not want to fall asleep on the job.

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