The Centralist Texasist RV Magnate

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

Feeling a bit blundery here.  Got involved in a book around 10pm and around 3am discovered it was 3am and I still had 75 pages demanding my immediate attention.  Decided what the hell.  Storm came around 70 pages later so I was up scurrying closing everything open to rain on both vehicles.

The attempts by modern civilization to snag me into negativity and stall the process of my registering the 1978 wossname, Holiday Rambler, failed and I dotted all the necessary eyes, paid out a few hundred bucks, only had to be the tiniest bit of an ooocher of legalities.  That Ford RV is now legally a resident of Texas, standing up on its hind wheels and whinnying.  Next it will be wanting to vote.

This staying up all night reading without intending to is something the law ought to insist younger men do.  Screws up all manner of habitual behaviors for cats and men my vintage.

Anyway, nice little rain last night.

The financial drain of all this has me thinking I’ll be online a lot today chasing through the available gate guard and pipeline guard for oilfield jobs.  I need a spurt of wealth to undo what’s been done to my wallet with all this.

My friend Eddie keeps track of such things as this and tells me the gate guard think is doable, sent me some links, and when I mentioned it in town to a couple of people a couple of them gave me some email links.

A few months of that would provide the friends I owe money to a relief of the burden of me owing them money [Keith and Rich, I love you as brothers and am eternally grateful for being there when I needed you].   And the weight of not being financially solvent robbing my macho, mainly, because neither of them’s hectoring me with anything but positivist enthusiasm.


14 responses to “The Centralist Texasist RV Magnate

  1. Good to have friends. Very good to stay up all night reading, especially in a storm… especially when the storm doesn’t sneak into your home. This is a very positive report Jack. May it get better and better. Wish you were close enough so’s I could amble over for a cup of coffee.

  2. You must be a good friend to have such good friends. This post made me happy.
    I long for the days when I could stay awake reading half the night away. We are too busy working, to live, to do much more than sleep when the bodies hit the bed!

  3. I haven’t stayed up all night reading for ages. These days I need my beauty sleep.
    Nice you have good friends willing to help when the need arises. Congrats on completing your transaction.

  4. This gate keeping is interesting. Not something that is done in the oil patch here. Besides thief & vandalism why would they need a gate keeper? Would you be hanging out guarding at one well or at the entry to several wells? I’ve always wanted to do the RV park job. I think it has more free time than this one sounds like it could have. Best of luck getting the job that will accomplish all your goals and needs. Blessings, M.

    • Hi Mary. Eddie says it’s ‘high fence’ ranchers who want the gate guards and it’s the ranchers who have the option of providing the oil drillers provide them. South Texas has a lot more ‘deer-proof fence’, or high fence ranchers than are found further north yet. But they’re moving north. Playing the dickens with the gene pool of white tail deer when deer proof fences become the norm.

      Evidently the guard logs traffic as it enters and leaves the site as the main item of business.

      I’d only think of it as a temporary means of raising money fast. It ain’t likely to become my cup of tea, thinks I, but just something to rid myself of financial challenges and build a safety net. Gracias, J

  5. You might also be able to catch up on your reading so’s you could sleep at night …..a win-win-win if there ever was one bro 😉

  6. Yep, we all need a safety net. Seams we feel the need more as we get older and find somethings in life harder to do….like 12 hour shifts. Hoping it works out and fills the need. Blessings, M.

    • Hi Mary. I didn’t get far trying to track things down yesterday. Might have to invest in phone calls or actual gas to find out whether I can do it or not. Gracias, J

  7. And thanks for the info. Sure makes it make more sense.

  8. @elroyjones, yes he’s a great and true friend, he’s always been there for me….the very top shelf IMO., I’ve had none better….

  9. We just spent 8 weeks gate guarding near Carrizo Springs, TX… Not sure how a person could do it alone as ours was a 24/7 job. There are times (even weeks at a time) when you might have only a few vehicles go to the site in a day… but when there’s something going on, it sure can be busy. You have to get certified (at least to work in Texas) …. take a Level 2 Security test, get fingerprinted, and pay a fee…. but all that costs less than $100. Going rate for us was $150 a day, of which $15 is deducted for worker’s comp. This is getting way too long… if you want any more info, feel free to contact us. Best Wishes…

    • Hi Sharon. Likely I will be contacting you, in addition to going over your blog. You took me further in a couple of paragraphs here than I got all day yesterday trying to get answers on the web. Gracias, J

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