Macho Robbing High-Tech Living

RV x 2

If you’re like me most of you probably already know there’s something counter-frontiersman, counter-pioneer about just pushing a button to kick on a pump, then stepping inside a little room to have a hot, pressurized shower.  Washing dishes in a sink with hot water instead of putting them upside down over a fire-ant bed and just wiping them down after the ants do their work.

Like me, you probably feel a lot of guilt, something vaguely counter-natural, counter-human when you indulge in this type of behavior.

But yesterday and today I did.

And damn it felt good.  Probably do it again tomorrow and dwindle off some more macho.  I’m old enough to have some to spare that I would have needed for other things when I was younger.


14 responses to “Macho Robbing High-Tech Living

  1. Do you think the environment can take the hit? I mean, think of all those hungry Fireants showing up for their regular rations and; what?
    Off to Micky D’s? Nope. Not for these ants.
    Now we have colonies of Fireants wandering the parched land; gagging on the dust; hoping beyond hope that Old Jules will give up the hot water.
    I don’t know man. Did you really think this through?
    Sounds like a dangerous case of Ronin Fireants on a bloodtrail.
    Just sayin’

  2. yes, when everything’s going well, you can always throw the ants an apple. Good to hear the shower is working.

    • Thanks ShimonZ. The deer tend to eat my apple cores before the fire ants get a shot at them. With the deer there’s a precedent, no harm done when they get them. But fire ants might be another matter, might discover this isn’t the Garden of Eden and go somewhere else if they get into the apple eating thing. Gracias, J

  3. Fire ants licking your dinner plates. Now I know how the cowboys tidied up. 🙂

    • Hi Swabby. They had to let the dishes stack up until the fireants arrived into whatever part of the country they were herding cows though. Those things are illegal immigrants, came in as part of the ballast of a ship in the 1930s and got stuck in the swamps of Louisiana until the 1950s, when they discovered there a rest-of-the-United States they weren’t eating everything in yet. Been spreading out all over from the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific since then.

  4. Thanks for the chuckles. Hear people around here call ants, fire ants. Don’t know for sure if we have them here. Never gave the plate to the ants to clean up. Did give them the peels and scraps from meals to keep them away from the tent and kitchen area of camp. Works well with them and the hornets give them the same in a bag on a tree away from the food preparations and kept them happy, too. Blessings, M.

    • Hi Mary: I used to keep track of how far the fireants had gotten going west. Sometime in the early 2000s they’d arrived around Las Cruces and it was figured they’d move more rapidly up the Rio Grande. But the hard winters might stop them or slow them down to the north. For all I know they might be in Arizona or even California by now. May you never see them in the 4-corners area. I hate to think the damage they’ll do in desert country where the ecosystem’s so complex. Gracias, J

  5. Sounds like you are ready for the good life!

    • good article Bob. Thanks. Certainly provides food for thought. I’m not confident I have the RV for the job after reading the article, being as old as it is the roads might beat the thing to death, but the wear and tear by the dust ought to be enough to finish it off if the roads don’t do it. Gracias, J

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