Bobby’s over there squealing like a pig in the White House

Hi readers. Thanks for coming by for a read.  Apologies in advance to those of you who never saw or read Deliverance.

One of the problems that comes from ten generations of intermarried first cousins running the country is they all begin to think it’s about Dueling Banjos.  They start believing it’s perfectly natural Bobby’s over there squealing like a pig.  Nobody wants to rock the canoe.

But at the moment the reason Bobby’s over there in the White House squealing like a pig is that Saudi Arabia and their cousins in Israel are pressuring the hell out of him to bomb their other cousins in Syria.  Same as they’re doing over there in Congress where they understand all about squealing like pigs for the White House, Israel, Saudi Arabia, anyone with the money to buy a quickie.

It’s all become a habit.  Nobody 75 years ago would have dreamed there’d come a time when the President of the US could believe he could bomb the bejesus out of anyone he wanted to anytime he wanted to without anyone raising an eyebrow.  Nobody would have believed US Presidents could take the country into a series of endless wars without consulting Congress.  Nobody would have believed any president could believe he could do it and get by with it.

But that all changed with a lot of other things.  And now we’ve got a guy in the White House hysterical because he wants to give a war and nobody’s willing to come.  Standing on one leg, then the other saying he’s going to get permission from Congress, then saying he doesn’t have to.  Saying he’s the only one needs to pick the tune for all of us.

And all those hydrocephalic banjo players over in Congress listening to Israel lobbyists handing them nice stuff under the table, Saudi Arabian lobbyists giving them free trips to Tahiti and porn stars in their hotel rooms to help them remember where their loyalty belongs.

Meanwhile, the world’s died laughing and decided they’ve had enough of US Presidents and their big-headed advisors telling them who needs the bejesus bombed out of them.  Which puts Bobby into a hell of a fix.

Bobby knows if he doesn’t do what Israel and Saudi Arabia tell him to do, he’s got a Vice President who will.  He knows he can be LBJed same as Kennedy was.  LBJed and J. Edgar Hoovered by one of the packs of goons and snipers he’s helped put into place on all the rooftops.  He never figured he’d be the one in the crosshairs he helped create.

It’s no wonder he’s squealing like a pig.

Old Jules

24 responses to “Bobby’s over there squealing like a pig in the White House

  1. Yes, bobby is in a hell of a fix in this “brave new world.” If one was paying any attention, you could see within days after the initial inauguration that bobby and the mrs. had been informed he was already in the proverbial cross hairs of those who are really in charge. It was written all over their faces.

  2. Yes on the involvement of the Saudis and Israel. Nobody talks about that. If these people shoot it will be because the ones with the D in front of their names supported it and da bama. Because of that D it will make them even worse than the treasonous bush bastards.

  3. “We know where your kids are! Have a nice day.”

  4. Interesting that most Israelis and most Saudis don’t eat pork, but most Americans do. I think there is a metaphor therein, but it lurks in the periphery, I’m afraid.

    • Hi Jeanmalone: Maybe there’s a metaphor, but I’m not seeing it. Although Saudis and Israelis don’t eat port and neither is worthy of admiration, the great majority of everyone else does eat pork, and they also aren’t worthy of admiration. Gracias, J

      • Monstrum in fronte, monstrum in animo. Americans are eating their own. Makes me think of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

        I have a few pigs. It is not true that they are as smart as dogs (at least my dogs.) They care mostly about three things: Food, food, and food. As long as that is taken care of, life is pretty good for them from their perspective.

        We the People would not realize until “we” are in the shoot that we are food animals, either. And even then…we’ll see I guess. Though, pigs are very aware that they are prey animals, so maybe not smarter than dogs, but smarter than most people.

        Interesting how homo sapiens are both a predator animal and a prey animal. Viva evolution.

        I enjoy your writing and perspectives.

        • Thanks Jeanmalone. I’m fond of domesticated swine, always admired them in a lot of ways, including their intelligence. Not Duroc ones, but I was fond of Hampshires. Nice hogs, generally. Gracias, J

      • Oh that goodness and international success were due to ole Porky Pig. Maybe he is “The One.”

  5. Right on the money… again. But what do I know?

  6. Let’s just hope they all fumble around for the “check” and no one has to pay for the meal. They’re still not sure they know who did it the cooking for sure. BUT remember a guy named Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand of Austria? Who would have “thunk” that knocking him off could have ignited “The War to End All Wars” (NOT). Better quit “messin”‘
    where we oughtn’t to be messin’ “

    • Hi Chuck: Telling a man he’s the most powerful man in the world probably provides him a mindset of thinking he needs to prove it, or at least that if something gets into his head nothing can stop him doing what suits him. Maybe it’s a problem of rhetoric. gracias, J

      • I buy that. Now maybe schmoozing with the Ruskies . Why does this feel read bad?

        • Chuck: I’d guess it feels real bad because you take it all entirely too seriously. Conditioning mostly. Good seeing you amigo. Lighten up. The weight of the seesaw ain’t any better at the other end. Thanks for coming by. Jack

          • Hi Jack

            Let’s hope you’re right. I don’t even like to listen to the news any longer. We don’t act like a competent world leader any longer.

            We got 6 new cats in the last two months. Did I tell you? The Grey Lady visited, dropped 4 babies and then another arrived a couple days ago via a neighbor. All way too cute! Not sure how many will remain here. If cute has anything to do with it, oops!

          • Chuck: I can’t actually recall us ever looking like a world leader worth having. Congratulations on the cats. Jack

          • Yeah! Aren’t cats a better and more interesting topic?

          • It’s all good Chuck. J

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