Representive democracy, selective breeding and the US Constitution

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.

The wise men who framed the US Constitution knew all about how power, wealth and decadence caused every generation of aristocracy, every generation of human being born to power and wealth was weaker, lazier, stupider, more arrogant and shiftless than the previous one. 

They knew, those men writing the Constitution, the time would come when the White House and both houses of the US Congress would be filled with the descendants of black slaves.  Because they recognized the only alpha-males left in some future time would be those same black descendants of slavery.  That was obvious to them.  They knew representative democracy was the only way they could assure that when blacks outnumbered whites they’d be able to bloodlessly emerge as the dominant power.

Of course, they didn’t know about Hispanics and other prolific minorities, but they had the general idea.  It was a tough, courageous decision because all of them were white.  But they knew there’d come a time when their own progeny were a herd of worthless, stupid, lazy followers and worshipers of anything resembling an alpha male, no matter what ethnicity.

History proved them wise.  Football was the first hint the dream of the forefathers was coming true, followed by rap music and population explosions in ethnic ghettos.  The long-awaited takeover of the US government was moving right along in accordance with the plan of the founding fathers.  And concurrently with similar emergence of alpha-types from minorities in other cultural fields.

It’s on the doorstep now.  Finally ethnic minorities will soon be in a position to assume the reins of power, wealth, prosperity and government.

Patriots and believers in representative democracy should be preparing for the victory parades and celebrations.  The sooner a full slate of ethnic minority candidates is offered up in a general election the more rapidly the aspirations of the founding fathers will be fulfilled.

Finally our great nation will once again be run by alpha males and females, same as music and sports.  Rejoice!  Up the [r]evolution!

We white males can finally get back to getting our hands dirty doing the grunt work, stoop-labor and heavy lifting we degenerate betas are best suited for, aside from toadying to alphas.  And white females can try to find open minded alpha ethnics to procreate with without being criticized.

Old Jules

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