SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: This blog might be hazardous to your mental health

Hi readers.  I probably should have warned you about this sooner.   Hopefully I’m not too late.

I write this blog because I enjoy doing it.  I write it because to me writing it reduces the pressures of having to exist in a world where swarm behaviors dominate my species.  This blog is my teflon coating to help me partially escape participation in the swarm.  I write this blog to help me unravel the world around me as I observe it and attempt to draw meaningful conclusions.

For me it’s a piece of my own determination to be a better human being tomorrow than I am today.  It’s a part of an ongoing program to continuously persuade myself such a thing is possible.

Sometimes I write what I believe are facts.  Sometimes analogies.  Sometimes absurdities that only contain what I believe bear similarities to facts without actually attempting to capture them.

Swarm behavior can’t be examined, analysed, understood from inside the swarm.  Sometimes my thinking is trapped inside the swarm and I attempt to examine it, but frequently I’m able to achieve escape velocity and observe from some distance away.  Even I usually don’t know which is which, whether I’m making valid observations from outside, or flawed ones from inside.

In any case, I suggest nobody take this blog seriously.  If you see words, phrases, paragraphs here you find disagreeable, there’s no call to be offended.  I can’t threaten your swarm, and if you’re outside your swarm you probably can’t beckon me to the position you are viewing it from.

But the main thing is, enjoy the blog if you can, because there’s nothing I might say of enough importance to justify a moment of displeasure.  It’s an easy blog not to read. 

Protect whatever mental health you believe you are carrying around with you, either by smiling when you read here, or by going somewhere else to read something more smileable.  This blog is not an important issue.

As far as I’m aware the blog does not cause cancer, does not carry any communicable disease in its words.  I don’t believe there are any environment consequences, no threats caused by second-hand blog when it’s shared.  I’ve tried to be responsible and avoid that

I appreciate you either way.

Old Jules

11 responses to “SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: This blog might be hazardous to your mental health

  1. I’ve been working my fingers to the bone, managed to escape for a short (hours come in different sizes depending on what they’re filled with) 24 hour respite, had to get caught up on all the things I should have been doing while I was enjoying myself instead. I am reading and commenting and always pleased to find you here.

  2. We know you’re enjoying yourself. It’s just that once you’ve said it all, there’s not much to add. ;-D

  3. Does that mean you have no computer viruses to to share with us? Arn’t they communicalble diseases?

  4. Been reading for quite awhile, sometimes I don’t get you sometimes I might, but I enjoy it all the same. I hope when I get on the road you can point to some treasure, something small like the Lost Dutchman, since I’m sorta lost and a PA German Dutchman.

  5. Isn’t independent thought considered to be some sort of “disease” by the powers that be? If so, it’s good to get some of that infection now and then.

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