Occupy Your Local Appliance Repair Shop [Limericks]

It’s the only job left.

Being on top was such fun!
The products were cheap, and the gun
Assured they’d keep coming
Velocities numbing
Til ammo we’d spang out of run.

Those multi-national boys
Didn’t make you buy all of those toys.
You bought them not thinking
From China, though shrinking
Your dollars without so much noise.

It’s jobs that you want, and you’re right
But you’ve got to be part of the fight.
Throw out all your plastic
incumbents and spastic
Buying and crying and spite.

The CEOs bankers and pols
Helped you do it but aren’t Commie moles
It’s true they’re just like you
Their coppers will strike you
While your coppers strike at the doles.

Stopping a train just ain’t easy
The methods are bloody and sleazy
But changing direction
Requires a correction
More solid than whiney and breezy.

Old Jules

3 responses to “Occupy Your Local Appliance Repair Shop [Limericks]

  1. Nice. I posted a few limericks (based on some different books. Nice to see someone else got the bug too. Like the pics too.

  2. Hi Jules,
    I really like this posting, the combination of thoughtful Limericks with great pictures. And I would have wanted to “like” this post, but that doesn’t work for me. I need to log in to WordPress [whether I am already in through my blog or not], but then the log-in form won’t accept my password. It always comes back the a blank form. Sorry.
    Best regards,
    P.S.: And thx for the “likes” to my other blog, “Odds and Ends”.

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